Now that i think about it, Konan stated that Obito can't remain intangible during more than 5minutes in succession, and we all know that the "intangible mode" she was refering at is when Obito warps part of his body in his dimension.

So does it mean that Obito's body can't stay in the dimension in more than 5minutes in succession? But why is it so?

1- Is there a sort of restriction when you get in that dimension?

2- If it is the case, is this restriction applied to everybody in the dimension or is Obito the only one who can't?

3- Does that mean that someone like Kakashi for example who got warped in that dimension can't stay there for very long also?

But that doesn't make sense since we know that Danzo's bodyguards remained in that dimension during a long long time controlled by his genjutsu