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    So is it confirmed? Hirudora can break Madara's Susanoo? (Incomplete version).

    As we can see, Madara's Susanoo is gone and it looks like he was regenerating prior to them showing him.

    Forget the first point, but he has scuff marks all over his body after taking the blast so it most likely did little damage to him while destroying Susanoo.

    Don't open this if you haven't read the latest chapter; 609.

    This could be why Bee broke out of Mokuton.

    Again, don't open if you haven't read 609.

    Stop posting about my little hand mistake with Madara, I have been cleared up on this already.

    Some people want to get so butthurt at the possibility of this being true that they can't read the title correctly so I'll clarify right here: No where did I say this was proof, read the title, Is is confirmed? and Hirudora can break Madara's Susanoo? are questions.
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