This new kid 'FACT Q' has something against Minato fans or anyone that tries to defend Minato.

He spams Itachi>Minato and sometimes says Itachi>everyone.

Hes giving Itachi a bad name in general even tho Itachi is my top 5 favourite Naruto character.

Idgaf if I get crap for this.This kid needs to get blocked from forums or something.He hates on threads and if he doesnt get his way he -rep people abusing it.

Sometimes he goes completely off topic even if the thread isnt related to Itachi or Minato he just says something stupid like this 'Itachi>Minato ITACHI IS GOD TIER and so on.

Im out to a party,so yeah guys this is just a prompt message to you FACT Q stop your shit or gtfo NB.Warning to all Minato fans -Dont respond to this kid when he tries to use some retarded way of saying Itachi>Everyone

Hell I wouldnt be surprised if he starts saying Itach>SO6P


Too bad Itachi is a character so you cant get butt raped FACT Q haha cyah kiddo