That jerk! you could see towards the end of the chapter that madara is just sitting, not even bothering to finish gai off, and he's like

"Oh well"

Madara doesn't give a **** sometimes

Idk, I just thought that part of the chapter was....well you know awkward haha.

but damn, they gotta fight madara, obito, and NOW ten tails. (though, obito is good as dead xD)

I wonder who will come to save kakashi/naruto/bee/gai? Will it be k11 or sasuke and his little boy band?

Like i could just picture it: kakashi and gai are near death, obito is dead(hhahahahahaa) bee is captured(seems like it) and naruto/kurama are just about to get sealed when sasuke comes outta bunghole nowhere and grabs madara's hand from naruto and pulverizes him. sasuke then says something cool to naruto, like "you were always a loser, naruto. get up and help me kill this mofo" And i suppose orochimaru and suigestu help too x.x

xD , yeah just my thoughts yo