I had this idea for long time just thought i'd share.

As we don't know how the so6p controlled it there's is actually a of lot good ideas one could can think of how their fight went down.

Ill just put some ideas.

What if the juubi let the so6p seal it? Not like the so6p could actually kill the juubi. maybe some respect was given to the so6p to the juubi and agreed to be sealed. Just an idea guys don't go crazy.

What makes madara so sure he can make the juubi do what he wants? Imagine the juubi took matters in his own hands? this would sure put madara, tobi and the alliance in an interesting spot.

I notice the juubi as he was revived had a sharingan already, does this simply mean he is being controlled by madara right now?
does the sharingan orgins date back to the juubi and not the so6p as madara believes. If so how could the so6p had the rinnegan if madara's clain of sharinmgan + wood jutsu = rinnegan.?

And if the so6p only had a rinnegan and developed the sharingan and wood jutsu techs after his fight with the juubi, one must ask does the so6p orgibally have different techs , hey the byukgan is still left in the dark by way(just saying lol)