Hello guys, i thought i'd shed my own opinion and who orochimaru and sasuke are going to speak too.

1. I personally think their off to speak too izuna, Yes he may be dead, but with orochimaru who can perform "Edo tensei", maybe he's the person who knows why the massacre occured, and how to stop madara.

2. IMO it's the only person plausible of knowing what happend to the uchiha's legacy, (Example - Being the brother of madara). I may be wrong because madara turned into a villian, long after izuna died.

3. He May know everything because of when he gave his eyes to madara, madara may have told him about his plan and how to want's to bring about peace, Izuna thus agreeing, as he thought it was the right idea.

4. Izuna had MS, so he could read a little fraction of the naraka Stone tablet left to them by the SOT6P.

I know this is very vague, and ur probaly all thinking "Use the search bar" / "Is this guy on Drugs". If their was a thread already then i deeply apologise, but this is who i personally think their going to speak to. Thus orochimaru going with sasuke....

Feel free to express your opinions