Naruto has picked himself up every single category of
Ninja there is I think . He's basically every ninja category in one

Taijutsu - naruto has always been good at taijutsu . In sm , frog
Kumai can one hit knockout and in bm he has enhanced strength ..

Ninjutsu - naruto is the only master of shadow clones i know . Plus he has the rasengan , the wind rasenshuriken, planetary rasengan , big ball rasengan , and more . Most of his techniques can one shot now ..

Sage mode - first person in manga to complete it. Took on pain with sage mode and the Kyuubi .

Sensory - naruto is now the best sensor in the
Manga . He can not only sense people but their emotions as well and can detect anyone that is hidden .

Summoning - can summon at least 3 boss level frogs who can hold off against tailed
Beast and pains summons

- I believe it was said that naruto is
The fastest
Person in the
Manga now. Correct me if I'm wrong

Defense- his cloak can protect Him from lava , tailed beast hits , intense flames and more !

Medical jutsu - he just acquired this but it can GVE chakra back to anyone he wishes. Don't know the extent yet though

Is there any field he hasn't mastered ?