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    ..aaaand we are back down to

    Obito and Kakashi: Comedy duo?

    Was it just me or was this last chapter hilarious? It might not have been wholly intentional, but maan...

    Here we see Obito making a damn good joke on Kakashi's personal philosophy and dimensional realms. Also quite fitting, for Kakashi becoming trash (killing Rin) essentially created his trash bin (Kamui realm).

    Headbutts are funny, right?

    Kyuubi getting in on the fun by just up and throwing Kakashi at Obito is pretty good, but Naruto's reaction is pure gold. Though as far as he knew Kurama had just killed his old sensei via dimensional prison, so him flailin his arms like a lunatic seems a little sociopathic...

    "I look in pain? Now WHY WOULD THAT BE?" Suckerpunches to the kidneys are funny. Cheerful sociopathy strikes again.

    Naruto and Bee going full retard by firing off MASSIVE amounts of Hachibi and Kyuubi chakra at the Gedou (What did it need to create the Juubi again...?)

    And of course the lead-up to Obito's finisher:

    The end of the world via apocalypse beast is funny, right?

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    Re: Obito and Kakashi: Comedy duo?

    Lol not bad.

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    Re: Obito and Kakashi: Comedy duo?

    lol ... i noticed that also.. stay in ur trash bin.. LOL it made me laugh!

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