If you don't know, then let me brief you on the subject.


A character who, although acting for primarily "evil" or selfish goals, is either not in full control of their actions or emotions and the reader or viewer can sympathize for due to them not being evil by choice, but rather by them being a victim of circumstance.

These villains can face a crisis of conscience in which they submit to doing evil, as well as having tragic pasts, which sometimes cause them to do their evil deeds. These villains often have confused morals believing that they are doing moral when in fact they are doing evil.

Even the protagonists can feel sympathy for tragic villains Often the hero will try to reason with the villain and implore him/her to stop their acts of evil. If the villain does do, he/she is usually redeemed. If not and is arrested or killed, the hero sometimes mourns him/her.


Here are the following characters that fit the bill in the Narutoverse:

Obito Uchiha (his significant other was killed by his best friend)
Sasuke Uchiha (his entire clan was slaughtered and he holds the Hidden Leaf's top brass responsible)
Nagato (sucky childhood where his native land the Hidden Rain Village was always the battleground for wars)
Orochimaru (technically...he didn't give a reason as to why he does messed up stuff, but both his parents did die.)

The only dynamic villains who I can think of who aren't tragic villains are Danzo, Hanzo, and Madara. However, they aren't the main antagonists of the series.

Naruto Shippuden lacks a villain who is just pure evil and rotten to the very core like Frieza or Kid Majin Buu from DBZ. There past wasn't tragic at all, and you didn't feel remorseful for him when it came time for there demise.

Thoughts? Discuss.