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Orochimaru (technically...he didn't give a reason as to why he does messed up stuff, but both his parents did die.)
I have the most sympathy for orochimaru's way of life and it has nothing to do with his parents..
He's looking for how things work, for how the world works, for what makes things tick.. etc. He's completely understandable, the other villains that do stuff because they lost someone, you can somewhat get sympathy for them, but how far they go because of that..

The only dynamic villains who I can think of who aren't tragic villains are Danzo, Hanzo, and Madara. However, they aren't the main antagonists of the series.
Danzou has been indoctrinated with how a shinobi should be, that he should die at the battlefield etc. his parents died at the battlefield etc. he's like the creator of the CIA only than with real interest in the welbeing of his homeland.

Naruto Shippuden lacks a villain who is just pure evil and rotten to the very core like Frieza or Kid Majin Buu from DBZ. There past wasn't tragic at all, and you didn't feel remorseful for him when it came time for there demise.
No this is why naruto is great, because you don't have such bullshit people that want to destroy the entire universe and be immortal so that they can be alone forever in the darkness of space and don't even have a little moment in history that leads them to becoming that.