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she`s smart,that was always obvious
Well for some it seemed that it's not that obvious.

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She's still useless. :p
Oh really? I wonder what so-called useless character found one of the greatest plans behind Madara/Obito's plan with Zetsu army.

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I do remember this! :D
Glad you do! :p

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i want to know y kakashi didnt chidori obitos ass wat was he thinkin
Kurama gave him chakra just to be able to enter and exit the dimension, not to perform other jutsus.

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i already know that but i dont remember sakura said that.. lol... nice
Yeap, she did it! :p

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She gets props for being a good medical nin .Thats all .... figuring out one thing doesnt make you a good shinobi. Hell even naruto figures stuff out sometime . In most of the fights she has been in she has proven to be weak and a liability !!!!
Oh, really? How come that figuring out the enemy's jutsu so you can later come with a counter-act doesn't make you a good-shinobi?
Sorry to dissapoint, in other fights she has been proven to be an actual excellent asset.
Don't make me come with hundreds of manga proof pages.

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If I remember correctly and this might be old, but Sasuke himself once acknowledged Sakura for her analytical skills saying it and her genjutsu knowledge was the most improved on the team. This is not like him to do something like that, not to mention several others acknowledged her for this as well in addition to possibly being greater than Tsunade. This itself has to mean a lot about her and how talented she is and how intelligent she really is.
Yes, you do remember correctly.

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She had a lot of develop-able traits that haven't been explored (blame Kishi) but as of right now I'd say she's borderline useless.
Once again, dunno how discovering a master-plan behind the bad guy's armies make her useless.
By basics, medical ninjas are not useless.

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I will give her props on this one thing but that's it, she better to a lot better because her character development is still bad...Chatte it's not that they didn't praise her is the fact that she did a bunch of stupid moves which made that aspect be shaded that's all just wish Kishi would actually make her be more mature. She is a main character after all she should of grown up a lot by now...
I am not going to go into detail with her personality, that's for another time, however, no, people do not give her the praise. If you want to be correct, sure, blame someone when he/she does something wrong, but give the praise when they also do something good. A thing that the majority forgets to do.

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she stated the obvious, kahashi during that was actually trying to figure out the nature of how the parts are disappearing(timespace jutsu or ghost form of some kind). All sakura said is that the body part is not there, well da sakura naruto just went through his chest.

Obviously tobi in part isn't there otherwise we wouldn't have seen tobi at all during the whole attack.
Oh, the obvious? Please do tell me before that, how come no-one figured it out.
Yes, everybody was analyzing, even Kakashi, but she was the one who came with the correct analysis because people were thinking that his whole body disappears, not parts of it.