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Manga 610 : Uncontrollable

Juubi : Grrr!!!
(Juubi roars violently releasing a shockwave through the battlefield)
(Everyone defends themselves against the wave)
(Kakashi and Gai defends themselves by destroying the obstacles thrown in their way using Raikiri, kicks and punches)
(Obito phases through the obstacles while standing at his place)
(Madara activates rinnegan's repeling technique but even the shield is deflected back to resist)
(Naruto is covered by Hachibi's tails)
Hachibi : Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!!
(Juubi gets up and sits with its hands on his knees whipping its tails in the air)
Juubi : Grrrr....
(Juubi moves its head to look around)
Juubi : ?!!
(looks at Madara walking towards him)
Juubi : Grrr!!!
Madara : (activates rinnegan again) Juubi!!
Juubi : (after watching Rinnegan remembers Rikudo's face and becomes hyper and slams his hand on Madara in a blink of an eye)
Madara : ?!!
(tries to dodge but his half body gets caught in the attack)
(his half portion manages to stand on one leg jumping in the direction he dodged)
Naruto/Hachibi : ?!!
Obito : ?!!
Kakashi/Gai : ?!!
(Simultaneously Juubi attacks an air blast on Madara totally degenerating him)
(Juubi then raises both the hands and roars)
(This time it creates a huge Shockwave)
(The wave advances rapidly)
----------Scene Change----------
(The wave travels through seas, mountains, forests creating chaos)
(The birds flies in the opposite directions)
(The land shakes)
----------Scene Change----------
Inoichi : Damn it!! This is bad!!
Ao : ?!!
Shukaku : ?!! What happened? Inoichi?!!
(Inoichi is covered with sweat)
Inoichi : The power of the Juubi!!
Shukaku : Juubi?!! What happened?
Ao : The Juubi is revived!!
Shukaku : What? What about Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Gai?
(Inoichi is choked up)
Inoichi : They are... fine.
Shukaku : What are the coordinates of the Allied Shinobi Army?
Ao : They are on their way.
Inoichi : ?!! [I must..] Everyone listen...
Shukaku : ?!!
Ao/others : ?!!
Inoichi : Everyone, the earth style users, hurry create a giant thick wall!!
Shukaku : ?!!
Shinobi Army : ?!!
Sensory Ninjas : ?!! Others stand back!! Earth Style Users hurry!!
(Everyone jumps back while earth style users come forth and slams their hand on the ground)
Earth Style Users : Earth Style : Giant Mud Wall!!
(A thick curved wall emerges from the ground and surrounds the shinobi army)
(After few seconds, the wall shakes and cracks in half)
Everyone : ?!!
(The wave travels further blowing huge wind)
(The wall is about to fall on the Shinobi force)
Everyone : ?!!
(The collapsing wall is hurled completely from all sides by sand and is thrown forward)
(Scene show Kages)
Everyone : Hurray!! The Kages are bac-
Shizune : ?!! Where is Lady Hokage?!!
Konoha11/Leaf Shinobi : Lady Hokage?
(Kazekage, Gaara, Mizukage, Mei, Raikage, A and Tsuchikage, Oonoki on A's back are shown standing on Gaara's sand)
----------Scene Change----------
(Sasuke, Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Juugo are shown travelling through the forest)
Sasuke/Orochimaru/Juugo : ?!!
(They sense the huge wave coming and lands on the ground to defend)
Suigetsu : Huh?!!
(looks at the incoming wave and miss the next branch and falls down)
(Immediately liquifies to defend the wave)
(Sasuke activates Susano'o to defend)
(Juugo activates the curse mark and holds the Susano'o)
(Sasuke defends the wave to protect Orochimaru, who is at present weak)
(After the wave travels)
Suigetsu : What was that?
Juugo : (looks at the birds flying away) The monster is been revived.
Sasuke : ?!!
Suigetsu : Monster?
Orochimaru : It seems Madara revived the Juubi. That means all the Bijuus are captured. Even the Kyuubi!! (looks at Sasuke)
Sasuke/Suigetsu/Juugo : Juubi?!!
Suigetsu : You mean the one who defeated Pain, that guy has been captured?
Orochimaru : ?!! [Naruto defeated Pain?!! That boy is still an extraordinary. Kukuku... was an extraordinary boy.]
Sasuke : Hachibi and Kyuubi still exists. The hosts are not dead yet. We will deal with them later. Lets go!!
Orochimaru : ?!! [kukuku]
----------Scene Change----------
Madara Clones : Wood Style : Wood Dragon Jutsu!!
(Several Madara Clones are shown on the battlefield at various places in Susano'o mode forming the handsigns)
(Several Wood Dragons forms and binds the Juubi's tails and body)
Naruto/Others : ?!!
Juubi : Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
(As the dragons suck up the chakra, the Juubi devours the dragons)

(The Juubi goes out of control)