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    COTC Chapter 1 part 16: D-Block.

    Hello NB Peeps. I'm back with the next epic installment of the chronicles of Tiqaun Conley yay!!! And good news to all that read chapter 1 will end within the next two parts! So I hope you enjoy this.

    In case you've missed the epic battle last time here it is: Part 15


    Tiquan continued to meditate within his room, he was one with the world around him, he was calm.

    Lorimar isn't unbeatable. She has a weakness, everyone does and I think I may have found it. Her weakness is.......

    Tiquan thoughts were interrupted with a sudden knock on his door. Tiquan somehow managed to stay in his meditated state.

    Tiquan: -sigh- Come in.

    The door opens and Stanton comes in.

    Stanton: Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

    Tiquan: It's ok I was just about to finish anyway.
    Tiquan said as he slowly descended towards the ground.
    "So what's up?"

    Stanton: Well the C block is just about to end and well you need to be out there for the D block. Rumor has it that you'll be challenged right out of the gate like Lorimar.

    Tiquan: If that is true bring it, if not oh well. So how's well how's Dominic doing.

    Stanton: No word on his condition yet.

    Tiquan: Damn.

    Stanton: Tiquan bro, are you seriously afraid of that girl?

    Tiquan: No I'm not, just concerned.

    Stanton: Well that's understandable I'd be concerned too, however it's not her you need to worry about in the finals.

    Tiquan: It's not eh? Then who is it?

    Stanton: It's me. I won my first round match pretty easily.

    Tiquan: You're in the B block right?

    Stanton: Correct.

    Tiquan: Interesting. So you think you can beat Lorimar after seeing what she did today?

    Stanton: Yes.

    Tiquan: Good man. Well it doesn't matter who I face in the finals because I will Win!

    Stanton: We'll just have to see wont we?

    Tiquan nodded.

    PA: Attention Attention all D block participants please report the the balcony the D block will begin shortly. Again all D block participants please report to the balcony the D block will begin shortly, thank you.

    Tiquan: Well I guess that's my qué.

    Stanton: I guess so lets go.

    The two boys leave Tiquan's room and head up towards the balcony.

    Tiquan: Stanton....

    Stanton: Yeah man, what's up?

    Tiquan: You really believe you can defeat Lorimar.

    Stanton: Yes I do. As a matter of fact I know I can't beat her.

    Tiquan: -smiles- I see ok man it would be awesome to face you in the finals.

    Stanton nods and they head up to the balcony, where Lorimar and all the other participants are. Tiquan can see that the stadium was packed at this time.

    Tiquan: Wow so many people.

    Lorimar: What's wrong new guy stage fright?

    Tiquan: Nah, it's just that I didn't know that It would be packed like this.

    Lorimar: You didn't? Well somebody didn't look up into our Exams to much did they?

    Tiquan: Nope. Wanted to be surprised. You guys pass this is far exceeding my expectation.

    Lorimar turned around and smiled at him.

    Mr. Diaz: Ladies and Gentleman boys and girls welcome to our final and most exciting stage of the day. The D block!

    The crowd erupted with cheers. They were so loud Tiquan had to cover his ears.

    Mr. Diaz: Now without further ado lets see who will be fighting first.

    Tiquan braced him self for the challenge. However there was none.

    Stanton: I guess the rumor was false.

    Tiquan: I guess so.

    Tiquan watched the first 3 battles very carefully, he carefully scouted everyone the best he could, without using his Sharingan.

    Mr. Diaz: Now for the 4th match if the D block we will have.....

    He looks at a Jumbotron while the names are shuffled.

    We have Larry Bryd vs Tiquan Conley.

    Everyone on the balcony looked toward Tiquan. A devilish grin come across his face.

    Tiquan: Show time.

    Tiquan was going down towards to the field but was stopped, when someone grabbed his arm. It was Lorimar.

    Lorimar: Hey there just don't lose alright.
    She said with a friendly smile and a wink.

    Tiquan: It's not me you should be worried about. Worry about your opponents.
    Tiquan said with a smile and a wink.

    Tiquan made his way down to the field...Larry was already there waiting for him.

    Mr. Daiz. Are you guys ready?

    Larry was a swordsman so he drew his sword to let Mr. Daiz know he was ready. Tiquan drew a kunai to show he was ready.

    Mr. Diaz: Begin!!!!

    At just about the same time Mr. Diaz said begin Larry rushed Tiquan and was already behind him.

    Larry: Its over!!!
    Lary said as he slashed at Tiquan's back with his sword. Tiquan uses his speed to dodge but he was nicked. There was a small but deep wound on Tiquan's back.

    Larry: -laughs- I figured you were all hype and nothing else!

    Tiquan: Me hype no.......unlike some people I'll live up to expectations.

    There were "Ohs" heard within the stadium, in what was a clear shot at Lorimar.

    Larry: -laughs- I admit that was funny but you do nothing but talk show us some of your skills.

    Tiquan: You're right this is no time for talk. -hand signs-
    Tiquan prepares for his fireball jutsu.

    Everyone in the stadium eyes widen in atipitation . All eyes were on Tiquan and he knew it.

    Tiquan: Nah I got nothing
    At that moment groans of disappointment filled the stadium boos soon followed.

    Larry: What are you serous? No matter it's time to ends this.
    Larry rushed Tiquan with his sword in hand ready for his final blow.

    A sick grin came across Tiquan's face.

    Tiquan: Got him.

    Larry was about 10 yards away from Tiquan, when Tiquan jumped back another 10 yards.

    Tiquan: Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!

    At that moment a ball a fire was launched at Larry, it swallowed him whole. Everyone in the stadium had mixed reactions to what had transpired .

    Mr. Diaz: I-is it over?

    Tiquan: No.

    When the dust and flames on the field settled Larry was seen back first facing his sword, which he had stuck into the ground.

    Tiquan: Not bad.

    Larry: You duked me.

    Tiquan- laughs- Of course I did. I needed to I was expecting to finishes you with one shot.

    Larry: Really? Why you gotta be like that?

    Tiquan: Well because since your a swordsman my gameplan is all screwed I have to use my long distance ninjutsu. I'm not trying to go head to head with a swordsman.

    Larry: Touché, however buddy you won't beat me like that.

    Tiquan: Come then.

    With that Larry rushed Tiquan again but this time Tiquan was ready for it and he slipped behind Larry and kicked him in the back.

    Lorimar: Tiquan's and Larry's speed are almost identical their as fast as me without using my lighting...but I have feeling Tiquan's not using his full speed that could be a problem.

    Tiquan and Larry continued to go back and forth in their close combat duel. Tiquan landed punches to Larry's body and face however that wouldn't stop Larry from trying to cut Tiquan in half. Tiquan couldn't get distance from Larry so all Larry had to was keep slashing until Tiquan wore out.

    Tiquan I gotta think of something and quick at this pace he's gonna catch me off guard and cut me in half.

    Larry then jumped high into the air. Larry then plunged down for a final attack.

    Tiquan: Well his cant be good. To dodge this I have to time it correctly and then I'll have the distance for another attack. I'm not using my Sharingan so this is gonna be close.

    Tiquan watched Larry closely, studying trying to figure out when Larry would strike but Larry was to fast, so Tiquan winged it he jumped back as he anticipated Larry's attack. He was a bit to late Larry cute open Tiqauns shirt and also made a long, but not deep cut across Tiquan's chest.

    Tiquan: I guess I should've used my Sharingan that hurts like hell.
    -Heavy breathing- Larry you''re pretty good but......but know I have to ends this.

    Larry: Ok then give me your best shot.

    Tiquan: Haha. You don't have to tell me twice. Ok I only have one chance to get this jutsu right. -hand signs-Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!

    Tiquan fires a volley of small fireballs towards Larry then jumps into the air. Larry just stands ready to take the jutsu but he notices that Tiquan missed and a ring of fire is around him.

    Larry: Dude you missed! And people were saying that you'll be in the finals with Lorimar! I'll laugh if none of you make the finals, however you have to find a way to defeat me first because right now....your pathetic!

    Tiquan: Oh am I really? Ok then. Of I were you I'll check my surroundings.

    Lorimar: Wait a minute....there's no way? No there's no way!

    Lorimar ponded her fist against the railing in anger. Everyone around her looked at her in confusion and shock.

    Larry checked his surroundings like Tiquan said and he saw that the ring was closing in on him. That when he saw it.

    Larry: Oh so you hid shurrikens within the flames that's a great tactic but only if you hit. Unless it's used as a stall tactic.

    Larry looked at the flames again this time he noticed something different.

    Larry: Invisible Strings? What are you doing?

    Tiquan: Please work. Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!!!

    Tiquan launched a massive spew of flames towards Larry. Larry was engulfed in the flames and you hear him screaming in pain. The flames died down in about 45 seconds. Larry fell foward....unconious.

    Mr. Diaz: Your winner is Tiquan Conley!

    The crowd erupted with cheers. After witnessing an high paced battle which could've gone either way.

    Medical Personal attended to Larry's injures.

    Tiquan: He'll be fine.....he......he just......he just needs a good rest.

    Tiquan then headed back towards his locker room slowly as he was still feeling the affects from the battle. He was meet by Stanton in the hallway.

    Stanton: Awesome battle dude.

    Tiquan: Really? I don't feel awesome. As a matter of fact damn man he kicked my ass........I got lucky.

    Stanton: Nah man you showed you were the better man. You won a very hard fought battle that could've gone either way man. C'mon let me help you.

    Tiquan did just that he let Stanton help him. Stanton but Tiquan's Right arm over his neck and helped him towards his locker room until they were met by Lorimar.

    Lorimar: Well you may have been ugly but at least you won. The question is will you be ready for the 2nd and 3rd round tomorrow?

    Tiquan: I'll be ready imma a quick healer.

    Lorimar: Hmmmm interesting ok then. I believe you.

    Tiquan: Hey what's that suppose to mean?

    Lorimar: Oh nothing. J-Just go and get some rest c'ya tomorrow. Byeeeee.

    Stanton: What do you guys have going on? You know she already has a boyfriend right?

    Tiquan: We have nothing going on.... I don't even like her like that.

    Stanton: Ok sure you don't.

    Tiquan: I don't.

    Stanton: Ok if you say so.

    Tiquan: I do.

    Stanton: Ok then.

    Stanton helped Tiquan to his locker room, waiting at his locker room was his brother, Tziah and his mom.

    Tziah: You almost lost.

    Tiquan: But I didn't.

    Tziah: You still almost lost.

    Tiquan: When you take the chunnin exams you'll find the only thing that matters in the end will be the W. Well actually that's a lie you dnt have to win the battles to become chunnin the elders decide so all you have to do is impress them.

    Shara(Tiquan's mom): Well you were impressive.

    Tiquan: Thanks I didn't know I would have to go that far in the first round.

    Shara: Well you did and you we're great.

    Tziah: Yeah he was good but I'm still better.

    Tiquan: One day we will find out who is better little brother.
    Hey Stanton im good now thanks for the help.

    Stanton: No problem.

    Shara: Hey Stanton uh we're about to go out and get something to eat do you wanna come with us?

    Stanton: I I would love to thank you. I just have to go to my locker room and get my stuff.

    Shara: Ok hurry back.

    Stanton ran down the hall towards his locker room to get his stuff.

    Shara: Tiquan get dressed we're bout to go as soon as he gets back.

    Tiquan: Yes mam.

    Tiquan went to his locker room changed his clothing in preparation for dinner.

    Tiquan came out all ready Stanton was already back and ready to go. Th four went out to Golden Carol for dinner that night.

    The next day

    Lorimar won her 2nd round battle with ease as she faced a puppet user named Alexis, all Lorimar did was use her speed to get behind Alexis and then she knocked her out. Lorimar grabbed her spot in the semifinals after a bug user name Gorge forfeited.

    Stanton used nothing but tiajutsu to defeat his opponents in the forst 3 rounds. A rumor was going around that he didn't even know ninjutsu.

    Tiquan won his second round fight after he and his shadow clones out numbered and out matched a tiajutsu user named Frankie. Tiquan earned his place in the semis after another hard fought victory which saw him and his clones surrounding an shinobi named Marcus, who's specialty his intel amd lighting him up with fireball jutsu.

    Mr. Diaz: Ladies and Gentlemen Saturday we will host the semi finals to the wondrous event. So you have two days to buy tickets if you haven't already. In our first matchup we will see the winner or block A against the Winner of block B. We have Lorimar Diaz vs Stanton Colon. Also in our second match we see the winner of block C vs the winner of Block D! We have Casey Stanley vs Tiquan Conley. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday! Now can I see our four finalist?

    The crowd cheered as the four finalist walked towards middle field to meet up with Mr. Diaz. Mr. Diaz turned off his mic so he can talk to the finalist.

    Mr. Diaz: Ok this is it guys. This is why you guys are here. Now I expect good clean bouts nothing dirty...but you already know that. What I really want to talk to you is your entrances, as you may know the finalist get there own entrances onto the field. Now we already have a video package ready for you for anything else talk to your block director.

    Mr. Diaz turned his mic back on.

    Mr. Diaz: Ok ladies and gentleman lets here it for our four finalist!

    The crowd cheered as the finalist walked off.

    Stanton: Whew Tiquan man dude there's something I have to warm you about.

    Tiquan: If it's about Casey I don't wanna hear it I want to wait and find out what he can do.

    Stanton: It's not that to be honest I don't even know what he can do but that's not what I'm need to tell you.

    Tiquan: Ok then. What is it?

    Stanton: Casey Stanley is Lorimar's boyfriend.

    Tiquan: Oh.

    How will the semifinals play out? Will Tiquan and Lorimar prevail and make to the finals? Or will Casey and Stanton have something to say about that? Find out next time on the Chronicles of Tiquan Conley.

    Next Chronicles of Tiquan Conley Chapter 1 part 17: Semifinals

    Authors Note
    I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I must apologize though this came out way later then expected, and no it was laziness this time, it was me doing to much. I was trying to add things I was taking out some things I mean U was editing like crazy, I guess my excited for Chapter 1 to end as well anyway if anybody reads this ill like to know who are your favorite characters?

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    Re: COTC Chapter 1 part 16: D-Block.

    Me guetsa a decent fight it was

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    Re: COTC Chapter 1 part 16: D-Block.

    Long, but great chapter. You're really approving, man. I'm proud.

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    Re: COTC Chapter 1 part 16: D-Block.

    Great chapter Cuzo it was awesome fight can't wait for the semis

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    Re: COTC Chapter 1 part 16: D-Block.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uxellius View Post
    Me guetsa a decent fight it was
    Quote Originally Posted by ItachiLeeHatake View Post
    Long, but great chapter. You're really approving, man. I'm proud.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlackMomba View Post
    Great chapter Cuzo it was awesome fight can't wait for the semis
    Thank you all. I'll keep approving man I got to.

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