-The chapter starts with Naruto,Habichi,Kakashi,Madara,Obito,and Might Guy looking at the direction the Juubi is.
Madara: It's finally here. Took forever but it's imcomplete. it wont be as powerful as i want it to be.
Obito: -glares at madara- Is everything about power to you?
Madara: Of course not -folds arms- I like a good defense as well .
BijuuNaruto/Kakashi: ????
-The Juubi roars -
Might Guy: Uh! You feel that? It's power is incredible.
Obito: I know. But you all won't get to see it in action,Cause i'm going to kill you-
Kakashi: That's what you think.
Madara: Hmph. Obito stand down. I want them to see thier world fall apart.
Obito: I can't do that.
Madara: Are you disobeying me boy?
Obito: Hmph! yes cause your not the boss of me.
Madara: -Folds arms- Don't make me get up.
Obito: Whatever Oldman.
Madara: What did you call me?
Obito: Old -gets punched by naruto- -slides back- Damn you.
BijuuNaruto: Enough of this. Time to finish you both off right now -Sage Art: Massive Rasagan-
Madara: -Doesn't Move-
Obito: -Looks at Naruto- You think that will ..
Juubi: -Roars and then looks around- (What was I summoned for?)
Madara: -Gets up and flashes to the bijuu- I summoned you your ability to help me create the perfect world.
Juubi: Well thank you for summoning me but I'm not gonna just let anybody use my power. I have to deem you worthy and besides noone is worthy.
Madara: -Stares into the Bijuu's eyes and trys to control him-
Obito: Damn you Madara. -Mumbles to self- I was suppose to use it to get rin back.
Kakashi: -Reading make out paradise-
BijuuNaruto: Kakashi Sensei!!!!!
Kakashi: Oh sorry. -puts it away-
Might Guy: Ha-ha typical kakashi.
-Sasuke and Orochimaru are still heading to find the one who knows everything-
Sasuke: We been walking for over like 50 chapters i think. My legs are getting tired.
Orochimaru: We're almost there. Trust me when we get there. You're gonna be surpised.
Suigetsu: Hmm.. Alright.
-As they're walking they bump into Karin-
Karin: Oww!! Watch where your -see's Sasuke-Sasuke? I missed you. I hate you. I love you I..
Sasuke: Save it. Either Join us on our quest or be on your way. I don't have time.
Jugo: Wow. Touch choice of words.
Karin: I choose to join you guys.
Suigetsu: So i guess this means Team Taka is back.
Sasuke: Tch! If you wanna believe that -walks off- Come on..
-A village is shown up ahead-

-What village is Sasuke and Co heading to?,Will Madara be able to control the Juubi?,and What will happen with Obito,kakashi,Naruto,Habichi,and Might Guy.
Find out in chapter 611 The Moment has come