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    A little bit of knowledge about uchiha

    first of never say that how can uchiha be beaten by senju if only hashi and tobi where strong, it cleary states not every uchiha can awaken sharingan, it a priveledge. second of all even if you do so, you only can predict movements because only a very little can unlock mangekyou sharingan.
    Second now you must stop saying any uchiha >>> almost everyone
    that's like the standard saying of an uchiha fan
    third did you now that madara and obito aren't really that strong?
    there just able to give people a hard time
    if they were that strong why did everyone come and fight them, because everybody knows there nothing and only have there plan that makes them evil.
    because i think that if the juubi wasn't there and bee, kakashi, gai and naruto were fight madara and obito, they've gotten there ass beaten a lot faster
    because naruto already defeated a rinnegan user, so that leaves rinnegan for both fighters out of the question...
    they only have there jutsu and sharingan technique's and that makes them pretty fodder against those guys.

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    Re: A little bit of knowledge about uchiha

    You just started reading the manga or what?

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