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    A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 3

    Past chapters:
    Chapter 1 : 1 - 2 - 3
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    Chapter 5 : 1 - 2 - 3 (wait a minute there isn't a 3rd part for my 5th chapter) :sy:
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    Chapter 16 : 1 - 2

    Here's a character backstory:
    Gary: the pervert Protagonist, partially lost his memory, he tries to get his memory back by returning to the Empire, he's excelled at mixing elemental affinities with his katana sword beside summoning deities from another world.
    Ame: the sweet imp-princess she tries to help Gary restore his memory, with her healing abilities and water element use.
    Genji: the logical-speaking guy, he doesn't -like everybody else- what tribe he's, he got expelled from his village because of his appearence and ability to suck people energy and ability to control trees, he joined this journey to find out more about himself.
    Eduna:a mysterious priestess she seems to know as much as Julius does, she joined the rebellion war against the tyrant.
    Rose: the french speaking Fairy, she's more pervert than Gary she joined the group for fun, she has the power to charm any male, she has sensorial abilities, and wide magical abilities.
    Ignius: a man who've been cursed by Julius into a hideous dragon-man he seeks to avenge from Julius, with his brute raw strentgh and perfect fire element use.
    Zhein: Gary's friend and adoptive brother who've been kidnapped but saved by the Tyrant' chancellor, he now on the good side, he's a hand to hand fighter, with wide knowledge over magic seals.
    Julius: the Tyrant Chancellor, he's a mysterious man, with mysterious motives, his powers are unique, he tries to bring peace without looking at the cost, he is revealed to be an ancient deity that wants to bring all world to nothingness.
    Kalina: Gary's mother and the best known earth manipulator on the main land.
    The scions of Exoddia: a group of six powerful men who were summoned by Julius to help him get Gary and Zhein:
    Halmius: A blonde man with a masked face, he later was revealed to be Eduna's old lover, eventually she killed him in a rampage.
    Logh: A puppeter, and a living puupet himself, he fights using his numerous amount of puppets, and a speciall torturing magic...he's claimed to be having their friend Tobi's body.
    Pashtaroth: A knight, he's the evil human version of Ignius, he fights with swords and monsterous techniques such as dead reviving techs.
    Nabri: A short man with his left face side covered in a wooden mask, he's claimed to be the only one able to counter Genji's wood technique?
    Emmero: The only female scion, a woman with a pale blue skin, she wears a rain coat, and her eyes are bandaged, the only power she was revealed to have yet is water techs.
    Lahabrea: A mysterious man his face is masked with a skull mask, nothing revealed about him yet except that he's the only one able to take on Gary.

    magia: the type energy that's used to cast magic skills

    here's a back story:
    Julius kidnapped Gary's mom to his own world of Exoddia, where the whole team separated around it, Rose and Eduna fought against Halmius, but Eduna transformed into a berserked demon killing Halmius and fataly injuring Rose, Zhein teamed up with Ame to fight Logh the puppeteer, but Zhein lost and Ame was sent away to somewhere far from the battle field via a teleportation technique, and so Julius had sent three scions to get Gary, the story now stopped where Ignius is forced to fight Pashtaroth.

    ************************************************** **********************************************
    Ignius Rickard the man who was once a captain in the emperial army, then cursed to be a dragon beast, had been pulled into a battle against his evil self; Pashtaroth the scion, who used his family members as weapons to fight against the noble dragon, however the battle scale leaned toward our hero…but the villian had more up his sleeves, with Ignius' careless moves he was cursed by the so called "hell fire emprisoning seal" threated that he has only five minutes left before his soul is burned…

    Pashtaroth gave his back to Ignius insulting: "You are doomed…miserable insect!"…

    Ignius felt intense pain from the seal planted in his stomach, but resisting it the jumped back few steps and started to think of a plan staring at the sky: "Dammit, the seal will kill me in five minutes if I did't find a water source soon, the pain will keep going deeper….very well it's a gamble but I'll take the risk…for…Fionna… Gary…and my world!"…

    The dragon smashed the ground ferociously, and disappeared under ground, Pashtaroth smirked: "Futile!"…

    Fionna used her sensorial abilities, as she jumped carrying Claire with her, the dragon who turned bigger emerged trying to bite them, the sister used her water element to create a large spiral orb around herself from being ingukfed by the large fiery breath of Ignius smirking that she understood what her brother is up to…

    Steam was filling the whole battle field Pashtaroth smiled: "What foolishness!" he insulted the dragon man…as he signed with his hand Rickard used a huge tornado spell to disperse it and send it higher, the mist is lifted to reveal Ignius in a giant size…

    Ignius opened his mouth widely, flames started to gather around it in a spherical form, the fireball was large, larger than anytime before, in a flash it condensed into a hand size orb swallowed by the dragon and steam starts to go from his skin, Pashtaroth sweated knowing that this won't be good: "Quickly! Fionna! Rickard! Claire! Block it!"…

    The three undead knights collaborated to create a large water barrier enforced by the holy element flow created by both Claire and her granfather, Ignius released a powerful heat beam, the attacks seemed equal, but Rickard had something up his sleeves, he smashed the ground with his hands, and a globe of shining light covered them, the beam started to refract, with more effort the old knight managed to refelct it totally toward the misty sky…

    Ignius returned to his normal size, holding his shoulder with a hand and his stomach with another: "Dammit! It's pain again!" he said while trying to keep his balance, the enemies didn't spare a moment so they charged at him, trying to attack him, barely evading them he did but the pain was going more intense the more time passes, he barely could catch up with his enemies moves, so he fell down…

    Pashtaroth approched him: "Heh! You really are futile! they were only two minutes and the seal got the best of you! You are pathetic!" said the scion while kicking Ignius in the face…"Kill him" he ordered the old man who can't help but obey the order of his summoner…

    Rickard approached Ignius, rised his sword, a tear broke from the latter's eye while staring in sorrow toward Ignius who started to remember various events from his life:

    *The old man Rickard on his death bed, and only young Ignius and his mother are around him, he started telling his last words while holding his son's hand: "Ignius my boy *cough* I think it's my last our with you….my will to you…. is keeping the honor of the family …I know Fionna left before you could inherit our treasure…but please take care of your mother and yourself…and my only regret that I won't be here to see my grandchild…farewell my boy…." As he closed his eyes…*

    "Father I'm sorry I was such a disappointment to you and to the name of our family" Ignius said…

    With that he remembered the sorrow he felt when the he heard that his sister Fionna died in a, expidition to discover new lands:

    *"You are lying! Fionna can't die! She promised me to take me with her after this trip!" young Ignius said to the soldier while crying heavily…he ran away to the forset where she is used to train, seeing the strawdoll with many cuts on it he recalled her words: "Crying isn't a manly thing" but he couldn't help but doing it…

    Ans so he recalled the birth day of his own daughter Claire, how her first cry echoed all around the house and he couldn't hold himself from shedding tears of joy, and the weak smile that was on his wife's face, it was a joy that removed all the sorrow he felt from his previous losses…witnessing her growing in front of him to be how his sister used to be:

    *"Father! Father! I really wants to be a knight when I grow up just like you…so I want to learn sword arts!" the little Claire said with a naive accent…

    "Hehehe…that's a girl! But just keep it a secret from your mom…" said the father in a calm voice…

    "Ignius! You idiot! are you trying to drag our daughter into one of your crusades?!" the mother shouted at her husband from afar …

    Ignius humorusly ran away knowing that nothing can calm his angry wife…*

    Then he remembered his life as a captain of the emperial army, during the inner rebellion that happened between the tyrant and his young sister, and how he lost his soldier Arc:

    *In the middle of the battlefield the captain and his disciple are back to back, fighting ferociously, a volley of arrows is heading toward them, blocked by Ignius' fiery fists, but he was careless that he didn't notice more lances coming toward him, unfotunately the hit was taken by Arc who fell between his leader's arms

    "Arc! What the hell?!" Ignius shouted at his soldier….

    Arc smiled: "it's ok…captain Fireheart…it was the purpose of my life to protect you" said the fallen soldier while spitting some blood…

    Ignius turned around looking for a medic: "Medics! Medics! Where are the god damned medics!" he shouted…

    But it was too late and the young soldier died between the arms of his captain…*
    The royal family rebellion war ended, Ignius continued his role as a captain but not as interested as he was before, which led him to refuse a mission giving to him by the newly crowned tyrant, so he was taken to face a trial from the emperor himself:

    *"Ignius Rickard Dhelvi, you are accused of violating direct royal orders from the Tyrant Ezel Archmedeis the XXVII, how are you going to defend yourself?" Julius asked with an emotionless voice…

    "Nothing" Ignius answered confidently…

    Ragna got angered: "Are ypu asking for your death?" asked in loud voice…

    Ignius smirked at them and yelled: "I don't want to follow such foolish orders anymore! We have already conquered the whole middle area of the main land! Enough wars and crusades! Enough death and unneeded sacrifices!"…

    Julius smiled lightly, as he closed his archive…

    Ragna jumped at Ignius smacking his stomach implanting the hell fire emprisoning seal into him, and the pain got the best of the knight making him pass away…

    Hours later, he woke up to find himself inside a large bubble of water, and Julius reading in front of him, the chancellor turned to him saying: "Oh you are awake!"…

    "Where…Where am I?" Ignius asked…

    "Don't move!" Julius ordered him…"You must be grateful that I saved you from being burned by the hell fire emprisoning seal"….

    "What are you talking about?" Ignius asked…
    "It's a high level fire seal, it'll consume your soul and kill you in the end…the water can temporarily halt its process, but the only way to stop is by either killing the caster or turning you into another creature…."answered Julius…

    "Another….Creature?!" Said the knight while checking his hands: "What the…what have you done to me!?" the scared man yelled…

    Julius smiled: "What is it? don't you like what have I done to you?" finishing his sarcastic sentence with light laughter…

    Ignius broke free of the water prison, as he ran away of the castle like a mad beast, scared of himself, he didn't know where to go or what to do, he was lost, he couldn't face his family like this so he headed to the volcano near the town of Leci where he spend his life as a dragon beast loosing his human conscious slowly, until he met Gary and his friends…*

    Those were Ignius' last thoughts witnessing his father's blade heading toward him….but unexpectedly he blocked the blade with his teeth, and with a violent bite from his jaws he broke it, not saving a moment he grabbed the old man waving and throwing him directly to the wall, making Rickard crumble to dust…

    Ignius stood and fire was covering him: "…Bring it on!" He shouted smiling unusually to him…

    Pashtaroth got angered: "Fionna! Enough! Use Zeus' arrow!" Ordering the young woman to use her strongest attack…

    Fionna pointed her blade toward Ignius, two arcs made out of lightning emerged from the hilt forming a large bow like structure, as she moved her free hand back pulling an arrow of light: "Ignius run!" she warned her brother …

    Ignius laughed: "No way! I'm not going to let you surpass me!" he answered her warning with a confident accent….

    She shoot her arrow, like a lightning bolt, Ignius managed to catch the arrow with his flaming fists, and with great effort he managed to deflected highly in the sky, leaving a flashing light, used by the dragon to cut his sister in two using his claws, Fionna fell on the ground with a smile: "Ignius…you won this time…" were her words before crumbling to ash again…

    Now nothing rest for Ignius but to take care of except Pashtaroth and Claire: "Hahaha! Isn't it great?! the feeling of getting rid of them! No burdens are binding you! In the end we are both the same!" the evil man said…

    Ignius got angry staring with rage toward Pashtaroth: "We are not…We are not the same!" and jumped at him delievering a ferocious punch, Pashtaroth blocked it with his hand and lifted his index saying: "One…Only one minute left…" Ignius was feeling exhausted and the pain was spreading intensly in his body so he fell down before his foe: "Heh…you are still pathetic!" turning his back to the fallen knight…

    It was a silent moment…only to be interrupted by lightning and thunder followed by heavy rain, Pashtaroth was surprised: "No way…!" he remembered how Ignius was forcing his minions to counter fire attacks with water element, and deflecting Fionna's lightning arrow into the sky…"That bastard! He was planning to make it rain all the time" he said to himself while turning to Ignius to find him about to deliever a hit…
    To be continued
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    Next issue: The heir of Santos Espada

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 3

    YAY finally a new chapter, and a great one at that (:

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 3

    Wow cool chapter

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 3

    awesome!!! It's really cool how you did the memories in the middle of the battle ^___^

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 3

    Impressive my friend :y

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