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    A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 4

    Past chapters:
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    Here's a character backstory:
    Gary: the pervert Protagonist, partially lost his memory, he tries to get his memory back by returning to the Empire, he's excelled at mixing elemental affinities with his katana sword beside summoning deities from another world.
    Ame: the sweet imp-princess she tries to help Gary restore his memory, with her healing abilities and water element use.
    Genji: the logical-speaking guy, he doesn't -like everybody else- what tribe he's, he got expelled from his village because of his appearence and ability to suck people energy and ability to control trees, he joined this journey to find out more about himself.
    Eduna:a mysterious priestess she seems to know as much as Julius does, she joined the rebellion war against the tyrant.
    Rose: the french speaking Fairy, she's more pervert than Gary she joined the group for fun, she has the power to charm any male, she has sensorial abilities, and wide magical abilities.
    Ignius: a man who've been cursed by Julius into a hideous dragon-man he seeks to avenge from Julius, with his brute raw strentgh and perfect fire element use.
    Zhein: Gary's friend and adoptive brother who've been kidnapped but saved by the Tyrant' chancellor, he now on the good side, he's a hand to hand fighter, with wide knowledge over magic seals.
    Julius: the Tyrant Chancellor, he's a mysterious man, with mysterious motives, his powers are unique, he tries to bring peace without looking at the cost, he is revealed to be an ancient deity that wants to bring all world to nothingness.
    Kalina: Gary's mother and the best known earth manipulator on the main land.
    The scions of Exoddia: a group of six powerful men who were summoned by Julius to help him get Gary and Zhein:
    Halmius: A blonde man with a masked face, he later was revealed to be Eduna's old lover, eventually she killed him in a rampage.
    Logh: A puppeter, and a living puupet himself, he fights using his numerous amount of puppets, and a speciall torturing magic...he's claimed to be having their friend Tobi's body.
    Pashtaroth: A knight, he's the evil human version of Ignius, he fights with swords and monsterous techniques such as dead reviving techs.
    Nabri: A short man with his left face side covered in a wooden mask, he's claimed to be the only one able to counter Genji's wood technique?
    Emmero: The only female scion, a woman with a pale blue skin, she wears a rain coat, and her eyes are bandaged, the only power she was revealed to have yet is water techs.
    Lahabrea: A mysterious man his face is masked with a skull mask, nothing revealed about him yet except that he's the only one able to take on Gary.

    magia: the type energy that's used to cast magic skills

    :ghehe: I now shall present you a battle à la Bleach style
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    The battle between Ignius the dragon man against his evil self the scion known as Pashtaroth ignited, the hero was forced to kill five of his beloved peoples in order to gain the chance to fight his nemesis face to face…

    Pashtaroth was very confident that his enemy's soul was burned by his "hell fire emprisoning seal" turning his back to him…

    Silence fell upon the battle field…only to be broken by rain and thunder, the villian was stunned realizing the plan Ignius prepared, he turned to witness his enemy about to deliever a punch but the scion was fast that he stabbed Ignius directly to the chest and commented:

    "Not bad…you halted the power of the seal by making yourself in water…brilliant I must say" as he pulled slolwly the sword from Ignius' chest : "But it's the end…"…

    Ignius rised his head toward Pashtaroth and laughed briefly….then he lifted three fingers saying: "Three…you've missed three points here…"and ferociously he broke the magic blade "Santos Espada"…

    The Scion troubled when he saw his legendary blade breaks with the hands of Ignius: "Impossible! How in the damned name of hell did this happen?!"…

    Ignius pointed his finger toward Pashtaroth: "That's the first don't deserve that blade that's why it lost all of its magic…"…

    Pashtaroth smirked: "Heh and then what? only have mere seconds to your death" he said while looking at the stab he made earlier in Ignius' chest…

    Ignius stood and wiped the blood from his chest: "And that's the second point…my heart isn't exactly in the left side anymore…fool!" he said in confidence…

    Pashtaroth got angered, as he retreat few steps he ordered his last pawn; his ressurected daughter Claire to attack, but she was easily thrown away by Ignius, who took the broken Santos Espada from the ground…

    Pashtaroth mocked him: "Heh…it's not the big deal all I have to do is to win some time before the rain stops, and then the seal will regain its effect again…and it's farewell!"…

    Ignius pointed the broken blade at his foe, and magically it was reformed like a newly made rapier: "And that's the third point…." He said…

    Pashtaroth was even more amazed that the sword had reformed: "What the hell? How in…"…

    Ignius waved with the sword saying: "The Santos Espada can only controled by either one of two ways; either the previous owner passes it to you…or you defeat his owner in a fair battle…and that's something a bastard like you can't manage…"…

    Pashtaroth smirked and soonly he laughed loudly, a silent moment broken by him slamming his palm to the ground summoning a broad blade, its two edges weren't symetrical, because one side was shorter than the other, the tip of the blade was simmiliar to that of a scimitar, and the hilt is simply designed with a snake wrapped around it...

    "The Viper!" Ignius said while looking surprised: "You got it! but how?"…

    Pashtaroth smiled as he claimed: "Truely…I Am the Tyrant! die bastard!" and rushed with his blade covered in igniting flames toward his foe…

    Ignius yelled: "Santos Espada...release!" and the enchanted blade transformed from a thin rapier into a large sword, that ressembles somehow to an axe with scale pattern on its hilt, that's carved as widely opened dragon wings, and so Ignius used his sword to block his enemy's attack…

    "Now I begun to like it!" Pashtaroth said with a crazy look in his eyes, followed by a violent shoulder dashes from both opponents…

    The two sepearted retreating steps away, staring for moments in each other's eyes…Pashtaroth broke the silence by slamming his viper in the ground, Ignius knowing the next move jumped up, and a large demonic serpent emerged following him, the dragon man didn't spare a chance as he shouted: "Santos Espada… Raid!" and so a volley of magically created swords rained ripping the snake apart, then the villian performed a cross slash toward Ignius, the attack expanded to become a large fiery wave, Ignius counterd it with a fire breath, and landed safely on the ground….

    "So I was the Tyrant in your world…heh quiet disappointing…" Ignius said…

    Pashtaroth grinned saying: "I pity you not feeling my supremacy…" delievering a ground slash to him, Ignius repelled using a flaming fist, and without wasting time he charged from the dust, and delieverd a stab to Pashtaroth who blocked the attack with his Viper sword…

    "Supremacy!...what kind of honor stays when you kill the people who were looking at you as their protector…and yet you have the nerve to call it supremacy!" Ignius shouted angrily…

    "Futile…they were burdens that I've got rid of, the only thing useful is using them as pawns" Said the Scion as he incantated and his blade spawned snakes: "may you rot!" he shouted…

    Ignius released a large fire breath that burned the demonic serpents to ashes, forcing his foe to retreat…

    Not saving a moment Ignius summoned more blades above his oppenent raining him forcing him to summon a large scaly viper to protect him…

    The blade rain stopped, both of the men felt a bit exhausted: "Heh…Haven't had this fun since ages!" Pashtaroth shouted with a crazy smile…

    Ignius covered himself in flames: "Bastard! You killed your family, and propably everyone that loved you! Just for this! you shall never….never be forgiven!" the dragon man shouted, as he rised his sword way up: "Santos Espada!...Guard!" with these words his body was magically covered in a heavy red knight armor with black designs on it…

    Pashtaroth looked more serious and applaused saying: "Impressive…it seems that it's the first time you hold it but you unlocked three of its magical abilities…but…" the man disappeared, and reappeared behind Ignius: "I've got Exoddius' blessings!" and delievered a kick to his opponet's back…

    Ignius despite he was armored he felt much force in the kick, but he could regain his balance, as he tried to return the attack but it seems that Pashtaroth's speed became monsterous, the dragon man was trapped in a volley of punches and kicks that came from everywhere, finished by a strong kick to the chin that sent Ignius to the ground: "This shall teach you the true extents of my supremacy" Pashtaroth yelled at the fallen dragon…

    "I'm ready to waste all of my breaths…in order to protect those who're important to me..." Ignius said while he was standing slowly: "That's what does being a Dhelvi family member mean!"…as he rushed toward him, the villian simply teleported and before he landed his kick, Ignius turned to him and blocked the attack: "Heh I guess your attack pattern is easy to remember" he mocked the villian…

    Pashtaroth retreat few steps back and asked: "You want to protect those who are important to you?!…very well She will kill you!" with those words Claire emerged from the ruins and walked to be between the two knights, then she turned toward Ignius…

    "Heh do you think I won't reach you if you use her as a shield…" Ignius mocked his foe…

    Pashtaroth smiled: "Heh! A shield? …Do you know what makes the incarnation art an omnious technique? is because you can give the corpse whatever power you want…"…

    And so Claire slammed her fists to the ground, summoning nuberous metal structure emerged and started to combine with her, giving her what appears to be a large cube full of runic symbols all around it, the cube bursted into the sky piercing the cloudy sky…

    "How'll you like being killed by your own daughter!?" the evil man shouted: "Die and perish!"….

    The cube base mechanically opened forming a cylindrical cannon like structure, charging energy briefly and shouting a large magia beam toward Ignius, and in a flash it collided with the battle field in a large explosion that turned the whole collesium into ruins, Pashtaroth was protected by a large snake he summoned from his blade, moments passed and the dust is lifted…

    "What the Hell?! …you Bastard!...why don't you just die!?" shouted Pashtaroth witnessing Ignius, the dragon man was standing like the previous attack was nothing to be mentioned, but his armor broke apart and magically disappeared…

    Pashtaroth held himself: "Hahaha! That was indeedly impressive…but it seems that you are out of luck!..." as he signed for another attack…

    Ignius ordered: "Santos Espada…Seal!" and eight fiery emblems emerged from the ground around him, briefly turning into serpentine dragons that covered their summoner, the beam collided with the dragons, but it seems that the techniques were equal…

    Pashtaroth smirked: "Heh not bad defence..." but his smile soon turned into a worried look as he saw the beam refract and became thinner: "What now?"…

    Ignius rised his sword to the sky: "This is not a barrier…it's a sealing technique, it can seal almost any magia based technique, I don't think your supremacy allowed you to learn it" the dragon man said with a smile…

    One of the dragons emerged from the barrier and launched at the cube, and so all the eight dragons did, as they started biting Pashtaroth's weapon, soon Claire fell from the cannon as she was grabbed gently by Ignius who closed her eyes, witnessing her collapsing to dust…

    Pashtaroth desperately tried to attack Ignius by jumping at him but he was caught by one of his sealing dragons…

    Ignius who's turned all serious stared at him saying: "Bastard! My punishment shall fall upon you! Santos Espada…Burst!" He pointed his blade to his immoblised foe, two large arcs emerged from the hilt sides, a flaming arrow appeared on the blade's surface, he pulled his free hand backward like pulling an bow string aimed directly to the heart of his enemy: "I bid thee adieu…" were his last words to his oppenent, as he released his flaming arrow which enlarged into a large flaming dragon head that swallowed Pashtaroth completely removing him from the existence, leaving his viper blade to pierce the ground…

    Silence it was… the sky cleared, the seal on Ignius body was removed, he orederd his sword to return to its primary state, he stared to the sky shortly where the crimson dawn light filled the whole land, he stood by staring at the whole place, then he headed to the east walking by the ruins of the battle field…
    End of chapter to be continued
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    Uxel's note:
    I was dumb because this is supposed to be part 4 of chapter 16
    Ignius is boss
    wait for Gary's :zonder:
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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 3

    good your still writing

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 3

    Nice chapter It was worth the wait

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter16 Part 3

    Cobra approves very well written

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