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    Naruto vs Juubi (PREDICTION)

    Now that the juubi's bin revived everyone's getting excited, because no1knows how naruto is going beat edo tensei madara, obito and the juubi. But I believe ) dat during this battle with the juubi naruto will somehow seal the ten tails within him and maybe use that power to beat edo madara cooz tbh.Both killer bee BM and Naruto BM just isnt cutting it asgainst edo madara. Madara hasnt even used his perfect susanoo yet and he's already wiping the floor with naruto and bee both at BIJUU mode,

    The very fact that naruto is beat five of tailed beasts but is yet stuggling with one edo madara may even hint that edo tensei madara is also more powerful than five of the tailed beast

    naruto needs another power up and that power up is the ten tails.

    Naruto becoming the ten tails actually fits in with the story because we've seen in past chapters of naruto befriending each of the tailed beasts within the ten tails and earning der trust.

    So6p even stated that the there will come an time wen all the tailed beasts will become one and someone will lead dem to the riight path. in this chapter all the tailed beast even state that dis person was going to be naruto.

    I also believe that naruto will seal the ten tails within him because he will purely have NO OTHER CHOICE.. der only way for the ten tails to be beaten is if some one cud seal the ten tails within him... even the So6p cudnt beat the ten tails, if so6p had to resort to sealing the beast den so will naruto
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