In anime episode 289, Omoi manages to trap Ameyuri, with an idea given to him by his teamleader.
He traps her in a quicksand type of swamp and sacrafices himself.
When he has sunk up to his waist, the reinforcements arrive and Sai pulls him out.

Ameyuri respects Omoi, for his swordfighting, his determination and the fact that he managed to trap and defeat her.
As a thank-you gift, she gives her swords to him.
I think that is so boss, to gain epic swords like that, from an opponent.

Now i really liked this episode. The character Ringo Ameyuri was quite awesome.
Personality, looks, style, she is one of the more awesome members out of the 7 swordsmen group imo.

However, doesnt this episode mess up the manga?
According to the anime, Omoi has her swords.
In the manga he doesnt have them.
It is such a shame that he probably will not use them in the future anime episodes.
You cant have him running around with Ameyuri's swords from now on in the anime, or can you?