In the beginning, Piccolo was a complete BA and a main figure in the respective anime. Then over time, he was getting surpassed by everyone. In the end, he was still a BA, but was subject as fodder because of Akira Toriyama.

In the beginning, Kakashi was the same way. He was a complete BA and was tanking villains. Over time, his role got smaller and smaller and became more of a support character to the new generation. He is *starting* to get surpassed by his students/Konoha 11. And he is getting closer to becoming side-kick fodder because of Kishi. I truly hope Kishi doesn't follow in the same footsteps as his idol, Akira Toriyama. *Kakashi fans, calm down, I am not trying to downplay or insult the man, but I am starting to notice the signs. Hopefully he doesn't get placed in Piccolo status. Anyone else see this coming?