Where the hell is this crazy emo :D

Seriously, the Jubi has awakened and is ready to destroy the world according to the latest manga chapter. I thought Sasuke was on his way to the battlefield along with Orochimaru?

From the last time we saw Sasuke, he revived Orochimaru and wanted him to show him everything about Itachi and his clan once again. It seemed as though there were still some things that were unclear to him and wanted Orochimaru to help him clarify the truth about Itachi and their clan, because he is now confused after listening to both Itachi and Obito and both were partly right but not exactly. After making his final decision on what to do he would've entered the battlefield and either choosed to side with the Uchiha(or Akatsuki ) or Konoha.

There were a few theories on NB which stated that when Sasuke enters the battlefield, Madara will get reminded of his brother, Izuna due to Sasuke's likeness to Izuna. It probably would've been the beginning of a filler but some of us were looking forward to seeing Izuna Uchiha again and to learn more about him.

I'm thinking Kishi was hasty and missed the chapter that was supposed to come before "End", the latest chapter