Ok well i apparently SUCK at games while playing on xbox live. It is very depressing because i want to be able to do something that i enjoy and have fun doing it, but when you lose all the damn time it's NO fun. So i was wondering are their any games that i can play online that i just wont get my ass handed to me EVERY TIME i play them? I even went as far as to try and find hacks so i could win AT LEAST ONCE. but of course i didn't do it, thats no fun either.
Here are the games i play:
Halo 4 (actually really good at this one)
FIFA 11 (suck)
Naruto strom 2 (suck)
Naruto storm generations (suck)
GTA 4 (online, i suck)
Left for Dead 2 (suck)
I don't feel like listing the rest but i have a losing record in EVERY game i have , so are their any games i can enjoy without having to deal with this?