Hey, it's been awhile, I know... (If you aren't Staff/prior-Staff, I'm not interested in your answer, sorry. This is directed towards the Staff for their consideration as they have the correct foundational knowledge to support their answer.)

Anyway, throughout all of my interactions on the base, I've had something in mind regarding the rules: "Encouraging Others to Break the Rules."

The closest rule that would be applicable to this is obviously "trolling," but personally I wonder if that even cuts it. Sure, some say it in passing as a joke, but it seems quite ignorant and blatantly disrespectful to me when another member even suggests that a member should violate the rules.

The reason I bring this up? Because some people are foolish enough to actually listen to those suggestions and do it. Not everyone (sadly, but truthfully) has read the rules and I've watched people do it thinking it's a good idea. Now I know the one's suggesting it don't always go un-punished, but some awareness might be good. It happens more often then you might think and I don't think the person should only be punished if the other member actually does it...

Thoughts? (No rush so take a free second or two to think it over)