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The truth that gaara>sasuke it hurts right? Mmmm fanboy!
I could be wrong, but did the Chidori not punch right through Gaara's "Ultimate Defence" (Not even top tier defence now..). If Sasuke were to use Chidori Nagashi, and channel it through his body, while inside of his Susanoo, would the sand trying to get at him simply be destroyed? Im not sure if Gaara's sand has an elemental affinity, but if its earth, it can be countered by Sasukes Lightning Chakra.

And whats your reasoning for Sasuke's Susanoo arrow not being able to pierce Gaara's Defence, I'd wager it could easily demolish it as it was before EMS, now that its coated (or made of?) Amaterasu Flames, I don't doubt it at all.