I'm not going to jump into conclusions or anything of such nature. Now, I went back and re-read some of the manga especially 573 which is titled The Path towards Radiance. Most times we tend to overlook certain things and most times the answers are given to us in previous chapters but there is one thing that caught my attention whilst reading 573.
After the tailed-beasts gave Naruto their chakra, Obito did notice a big change in Naruto and he clearly stated that he knows the limits of his power but under the same breath Obito clearly stated that this strange feeling is not coming from Naruto's strength and he also asked what is it? what happened?
Then, he said No.... It doesn't matter... It doesn't matter one bit what Naruto really is... I know that some of you will say that he is the 9-tails host but Obito already knew that so there is more to it.
Obito did not say it does not matter what Naruto have gained which would be the chakra from the captured beasts but he said it does not matter what he is.

Did Obito sense that Naruto is indeed the SO6P re-incarnated?
What do you guys think Obito meant?