1. Naruto vs Sasuke -Valley of the end (This battle is where Naruto and Sasuke evovle into a new class of ninja's)
2. Jiraiya Vs Pein (Teacher vs Student in this clash. Jiraiya puts his life on the line to figure out Pein's idenity)
3. Naruto vs Pein (Naruto surpassing Jiraiya in sage mode and Finishes the job he started by Defeating his former student)
4. Sasuke Vs Itachi (Itachi should of won this fight but his damn sickness killed him)
5. RockLee vs Gaara (This is the first time we see how fast rock lee as he takes on the insane gaara who is now calm and collected)
6. Kakashi vs Rin (not much of a battle just a straight Raikiri to the heart and instant ko ) (lol im sorry for this one) (poor rin killed by the one she liked) (maybe it wasn;t his fault but oh well)
7. Neji vs Hinata (Neji whooped her ass in this fight. Poor Hinata a royal in the hyuga branch but gets beat by a low class hyuga) (For shame- reminds me of Goku vs Vegeta -expect with out the yelling screaming and kamehame'has)
8. Sasuke vs 5 kage (sasuke was really kind of weak at this point after being exhausted from fighting Danzo but he managed to take them all on and survive but with the help of obito of course and zetsu)
9. Sasuke vs Danzo (Sasuke takes on Danzo for the pride of the uchiha's and pushes him to his limit. Danzo almost kills Sasuke but ends up killin himself)
10. Team 7 vs Zabuza/Haku (Thier first mission as a team and they take on two jounin level ninja and defeat them,also naruto awakens the power of the kyuubi for the first time in this fight)
The Fight between Naruto and Co against Madara and Obito would of made the list but it isnt over yet. When it is I'll make a new list.