I do not know if this has been brought up already (sorry if it has), but I've been thinking something that Kishi never really elaborated on. Remember Dragon Ball Z? Goku is a Saiyan, Chi-Chi is a human, they have kids (half-saiyan/half-human)... and the kids can go Super Saiyan.

It is said that Obito and Itachi killed off all the Uchiha (except for Sasuke). That means that Sasuke and Obito are the only full-blooded Uchiha left. But what if an Uchiha marries outside their clan (It was never stated if Uchiha marry other Uchiha). And if you think to Dragon Ball Z, Saiyans get together with other Saiyans (that's obviously how you keep the full-blooded Saiyan line).

My point is... even though the Uchiha were destroyed, would there be a chance that there could be people still in the village that have Uchiha blood? Are there people who could possibly gain the sharingan?

I always see people drawing pics of Naruto/Hinata's kids, and those kids are depicted with having a Byakugan even though they would only have half of the Hyuuga's bloodline within them. And what about if a female Uchiha gets together with a male from another clan? Would that Uchiha have to change her name (that often happens in marriage).

I mean... you can kill off all the full-blooded Uchiha, but what about half-blooded Uchiha?