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    Sword art online
    Kaguya who was manipulating BZ
    manipulating Madara
    manipulating Obito
    manipulating Nagato
    manipulating Tendo
    manipulating Sasori
    manipulating Kabuto
    manipulating Dan manipulating
    Tsuande manipulating Shizuke
    manipulating TonTon
    manipulating Nagat dog

    Deathnote RPG game 1

    Prepare to die

    Ok Lets Start. If you want to play just respond with "Playing".
    If you want to know the rules here they are:
    Trust No one ........

    Negative knight will wait till he has 10 then he will wait another 5 minutes for people wanting to play then he will start

    The moderator is : Negative"Badass" Knight ill be making the games from here on out so i can delete them afterwards so the mods wont get upset

    Have fun!
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