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    Only a SAGE can be Jinchurriki of the Juubi !!!

    This is my theory, in short:

    The Sage of 6 Paths knew Senjutsu (theory mine). This is why he was called the "Sage"--he knew about and was able to draw in Natural Chakra and mix it with his own potent chakra. This would explain why Nagato was called "The Six Paths of Pein" and not the SAGE of six paths.

    This is why the Sage of Six Paths was able to become Jinchurriki of the OP Massive ORIGINAL Juubi. Think about it. The 9 Tails alone was too big to seal inside of the Death God or baby Naruto WHOLY. Kakashi also commented on why Naruto was jinchurriki, because as an Uzumaki he had the CHAKRA RESERVES necessary to do so. This is why shinobi from the Uzumaki Clan specifically were brought to the Leaf Village, b/c they are the only ones capable of housing the 9 Tails massive chakras (Uzumaki, or Senju "Body").

    So if it is difficult to find someone capable (chakra wise) to seal the 9 Tails, IMAGINE how much reserves you'd have to have to host the Juubi itself?!? This would be possible for someone who has the infinite chakra reserves of Sage Mode, the entirety of Nature is at the wielders disposal.


    Uzumaki Blood line + Senjutsu Training = Naruto

    ************************************************** **********************

    SPECIAL EDIT: Today's Manga release

    The Juubi's Power is Immesurable

    The Juubi's power is described as "The same as the energy circulating on this planet." Also, Karuma pointed to the fact that Naruto could SENSE THE JUUBI'S POWER in Sage mode. This lets the readers know that the Juubi's power is the same as Natural Energy, or the 3rd Power that is mixed to create Senjutsu Chakra.

    Since Natural Chakra is unlimited, only a SAGE could be jinchurriki of such immense POWER.

    Your thoughts, please.
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