all the event which i will write is about 10 or 11 years before and already happened, but we don't know how.....
maybe there will some weak points (till me if there).

this how i think...
1-shisui is killed by itachi (as itachi said to sasuke, that he killed his best friend to gain mangekyo sharinghan)
2-danzo got his hand on shisui body and kept it.
3- itachi wiped out his clan (as mentioned in manga)
4-itachi joined akatsuki
5-oro tried to get his hands on itachi, but he failed ...and oro left akatsuki
6-danzo met oro and implanted shisui's right side in danzo
(oro didn't took that precious body ,maybe cuz he is dead and oro need alive bodies )

the other unknown stuff for me is how danzo got those wounds and when?

is these Predictions are possible? discuss....?