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how many other akasuki members are chuunin???
he is simply talented.
No akatsuki members are chuunin

and gaara would ***** sasori in a fight hands down, could he do that to dei dei???(lets rewind to the beggining of shippuuden shall we)
You cant say gaara would ***** sasori, we havent seen that fight and we havent seen people who fought sasori fight gaara for a diagonal information usage.
Also youre telling a half truth, gaara technically didnt lose to deidara.

Gaara was owning deidara from the very beginning.

The reason gaara "lost" was because deidara used an atom bomb jutsu to kill his entire villages people, and the entire village with it.

Had gaara let the bomb drop and simply keep going after deidara-deidara would be dead meat much earlier.

As it is gaara wanted to protect his people.

Gaara is obscenely more powerful than Deidara, Deidara simply used a smart idea to get his attention and make him use most of his chakra making a kilometer wide disc of sand, which would weigh thousands of tonnes.

if we follow the principals in his fight with sasuke, earth shud rape water, now i wonder which akatsuki member uses water? HINT:he looks like a shark.
I dont understand your point here???
Kakashi went against all 5 elements and still won, admittedly with Kakashis help.

You dont win a fight simply because of your elemental type, otherwise fights would be pre ordained from elemental types.

Here we all are moaning how sharingan is overpowered and yet weve missed that anyone of a weaker element instantly loses??

Just because Kisame is water and dei is earth doesnt mean dei will win.

Kisame is a lot stronger than deidara, and smarter too.

May i remind you who is alive and who is not.

now if all of kakuzu's masks are on his back, one good explosion should destroy all of them.
You are contradicting yourself here.

His masks are all elemental.

Youre saying kisame would lose to deidara because he's water.

Well kakuzu is water, wind, earth, lightning, and fire.

So hows deidara gonna win with earth alone?

Im using YOUR logic here.

i think its time to re-calculate mr

Yes it is time to re-calculate.

Even Kishi himself stated deidara was a weaker akatsuki, in the interviews he said more powerful members would be joining, such as suigetsu juugo and karin.

Suigetsu lost against Kisame, who is more powerful than deidara according to Kishi.

You obviously like the character deidara, dont worry, i do to, but he is a weaker akatsuki.

His job was to catch the 1 TAILS.