I m not saying this because i m a naruto fan boy but you guys are overating him he has being fighting naruto and still had not done much to him all he can do is deflect naruto's attack s which made him more like a cowad he stated he was not reious before that he will now but still didn't do much so to me even though he is holding back or not as far he was not able to do any thing to naruto he is not the strongest soooo unitill madara is able to capture naruto he ain't stronger at all cause if he was stronger he would have captured nzruto since
logic example: two ninjas were asked to battle either to capture each other or to kill the two fought and none of them could defeat each other so logically they are egual no one is stronger because if one was stronger he would have captured/defeat the other.
NOTICE:madara deflecting naruto's attack does not means he is stronger he is just defending himself.