Who is beating current Madara? I guess no one. He possesses the three strongest known Kekkei Genkai on an incredible scale and is an immortal with limitless Chakra. He actually represents the power of the Rikudo Sennin himself, since possessing all his known powers and knowing hi Jutsu - claimed to teach them Obito. Madara actually IS the Rikudo Sennin but on a weaker scale. Though, limitless Chakra allows him to even use techniques like Chibaku Tensei on the scale of the moon. I don't understand why the Rikudo Sennin is appearing in everyones list at all, he isn't a Shinobi and anyone knows that no one stays in comparison with him. Madara is actually the strongest being, I don't see anyome handling him in 1on1. No matter who is standing before him; the five Kage, the two strongest Jinchuriki, the awakening of the Juubi, he is just chilling his life and beating the shit out of anyone.