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Lmao everyone saying Naruto is stronger is a Naruto fanboy and most saying Madara is stronger is a fanboy. Those who butt in and say Hashirama is strongest are just using logic lol. But honestly to make the assumption that Madara is strongest just cause he has mokuton is very logical for reasons being that the mokuton handled Madara and kyuubi and Hashirama happened to have mokuton so there for Hashirama> Madara but then again the kyuubi alone and a perfect jinchuriki with kurama are very different cause the host can incorporate his jutsu along with kyuubi chakra as Naruto has done so far. So what i'm getting at is I personally don't think we can decide who's stronger until they actually fight but at this very moment the fight would be 65/35 in favor of Madara because of the unlimited chakra and like edoness

it JUST saved madara from gai's attack too

i think edo madara is #1 but WITHOUT EDO madara is just top 5 (more than likely number 2)

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Just a reminder, he still hasn't used Perfect Susanoo yet.
naruto hasnt used tbb....so what's your point?

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This ^^,also he isnt even trying against Naruto..
do you read the manga??? madara got serious, he said it to naruto