He helped past tense by reviving madara in his physical prime with a huge amount of hashirama's dna and rinnegan eyes. Yes please continue to ignore the fact that when EDO madara fought the five kages he had unlimited chakra, regular madara wouldn't have, he had hashirama's techniques, regular madara wouldn't have, he had rinnegan, madara in his prime didn't have(please note im saying in his prime meaning i know he had it when he was really old but by then it was too late) and he was immortal so the fact your using EDO madara stats is stupid. Now idk if kishimoto or you realizes this but once madara disconnected from Edo his chakra shouldn't be unlimited anymore and he shouldn't be immortal. So realize the madara that was at kage battlefield IS NOT the same one on the battle field with Guy(or at least he shouldn't be) because he doesn't have unlimited chakra or immortality anymore. but he still has a huge hashirama contribution so fighting him now is like fighting hashirama and regular madara combined so in my opinion the fight is fair 1/2 naruto(naruto did shadow clone one is helping kakashi one is fighting edo madara and attacking the ten tails), bee and guy vs. Madara and hashirama the two strongest characters. kakashi is fighting obito not madara so he isn't included. Guy(with no enhancements of chakra or physical shape) just knocked down(for a sec) Madara who has a chakra enhancement(hashirama) and a physical new body there is no way you can say he is not owning. i'll admit that edo madara wasn't hurt by Guys attack but he was knocked away long enough for bee and naruto to charge a biju bomb to attack the ten tails