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    (Team Bolle) EMS Madara vs Hashirama

    EMS Madara vs Hashirama

    A vs thread I made, because I when this fight is discussed, most people are like: -Hashi Solo's-. This is one of the best fights in Naruto, pure base ninja's using natural force to put down their opponents (and Madara's Kekkei Genkai ofcourse). I have done some add-ons to some Abilities to make this fight more interesting. You can't use the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations OVA Cutscene, it is not Cannon (Though you can use the Reverse Time ability I have made as an add-on) Keep in mind that this battle has never been truly decided, Hashirama and Madara fought many... many times. Most of the times it ended in a draw without a conclusion. Hashirama Senju was the leader of the Senju Clan and Uchiha Madara was the leader of the Uchiha clan. An everlasting war. If you want to vote.. (Use the poll)

    EMS Madara's Abilities

    EMS Madara's Abilities

    Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique
    As with its parent technique, the user compresses a large amount of chakra built up inside their body, before expelling it in the form of a number of dragon head-shaped fireballs. The user then skilfully manipulates that great fire, and attacks their opponent. The temperature of the flames is so great that, even with the briefest of contact, they are capable of easily burning human flesh. Hashirama's chakra wood release is in elemental disadvantage here

    Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
    A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and then expelled from the mouth in a massive wall of intense flames, which covers an expansive range. This makes the technique extremely difficult to either avoid or contain, with it requiring the combined efforts of several Water Release users in order to extinguish the flames. Hashi won't be able to dodge this, he won't have enough time to travel with help of his wood release. Hashi has to block it with his wood release, which will cost a lot of stamina and chakra.

    Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction
    A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and then expelled from the mouth in a massive stream of intense flames that can set a vast area ablaze, engulfing the target in a veritable sea of flames. If used upon dense, combustible terrain such as a forest, the confined area can greatly increase the possibility of the target's incineration. Will be a useful technique for looking for Hashirama if he is hiding when he becomes one with the forrest.

    Gunbai Barrier Technique
    By channelling chakra through their gunbai, the user can generate a shield made out of chakra to defend both themselves and their comrades against incoming attacks such as projectiles. Useful defensive weapon against Hashirama's weapon summoning scrolls, which he can summon at a quick rate.

    Uchiha Return
    By utilising their gunbai in a particular manner, the user is not only able to block and completely nullify the effects of an incoming attack, but also deflect the technique back along its original course. As this redirection occurs both suddenly and unexpectedly, the reflected attack can prove difficult for opponents to evade. Ultimate counter defence which almost cost no to a bit of chakra (only if Madara is flowing chakra trough his Gunbai it will cost a bit of stamina and chakra).

    Summoning Technique (Kurama)

    The Summoning Technique is a space–time ninjutsu that allows the summoner to transport animals or people across long distances instantly. Before an animal summoning can be performed, a prospective summoner must first sign a contract with a given species. The contract comes in the form of a scroll, on which the contractor uses their own blood to sign their name and place their fingerprints and once signed it is valid even after the contractors death as long as the contract itself remains intact. After this they need only offer an additional donation of blood on the hand they signed the contract with, mould their chakra with hand seals and then plant the hand they signed the contract with at the location they wish to summon the creature. The amount of chakra used during the summoning determines how powerful the summoned creature can be. Madara contracted himself with the Kyuubi with help of his sharingan, he can summon Kurama from a seal. If this happens this fight becomes a 2 on 1 fight and pressure on Hashirama increases.

    Genjutsu: Sharingan
    This technique is simply the generic use of genjutsu as employed by Sharingan wielders. By establishing direct eye contact with the intended opponents, the user can lock them within a genjutsu of their choosing in order to achieve various effects. These effects range from inducing instantaneous, but temporary, paralysis or unconsciousness in an opponent to forcefully extracting any valuable information that they possess or controlling their actions.

    Genjutsu: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan: Reverse Time
    The Mangekyō Sharingan , noted to be the "heavenly eyes that see the truth of all of creation without obstruction" is an advanced form of the Sharingan that has only been activated by a handful of Uchiha.
    Uchiha Madara EMS Ability is that he can turn back time from going back with a minimum of 1 second and a maximum of 10 seconds. This Kekkei Genkai allows him to restore mistakes he makes. The opponents brain and memories will also be turned back to the moment the EMS technique takes them back to. Hashirama doesn't have this advantage. The Interval of this Jutsu is 5 minutes.

    Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
    A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and expelled from the mouth either as a massive orb of roaring flame or as a continuous flame-thrower. The scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of chakra that is mustered. The released flames will engulf their target, and leave a crater on the ground's surface. This technique apparently requires more than average chakra reserves and most genin should not be able to do this technique.
    The Uchiha clan also uses this technique as a "coming of age" rite and as such was a common and one of the more favoured technique amongst them.

    Summoning Technique: Weapons
    Uchiha Madara can summon a lot of various weapons from his prepared summoning scrolls
    Shuriken, swords and blades can be summoned to the infinite and are base weapons of a ninja, can cause distraction for the opponent.

    Shuriken, like kunai, are one of the more basic weapons seen in Naruto series. They are sharpened,four-pronged metal stars, useful for throwing. Although small, they can be used to distract, pin down enemy shinobi, or if accurate enough, can be deadly. They have an open circle in the centre, used for grabbing with a finger, to avoid cutting oneself, or to put thread through. The circle is also beneficial to the weapons overall aerodynamics, ensuring more accurate trajectories.

    A sword is a long, bladed weapon used for combat. While most swords in Naruto are traditional Japanese katana, tantō, or ninjatō, swords used by main characters tend to bear little resemblance to real-life weapons, as is the case with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist's swords. Other swords that have been introduced in the series have mystical or special powers, including Orochimaru's Sword of Kusanagi and the Sword of Totsuka as wielded by Itachi Uchiha's Susanoo.

    Hashirama's Abilities

    Hashirama Abilities

    Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
    This technique exerts an hallucinatory effect upon the eyesight, effectively blinding the opponent. No matter how skilled an opponent may be, they are forced to wait helpless in this world of darkness, as this technique allows the user to attack unseen. Although it negates sight, it does not stop the other senses. Madara's EMS may most likely be able to counter this Jutsu. The Sharingan most likely surpasses this kind of 'mess up senses' Jutsu. But all options are open, because Hashirama is definitely on Madara's level.

    Contract Seal
    When the user implements this fūinjutsu on a summoner, it removes any direct control the summoner has over a summoned creature. Close contact appears to be required for the implementation of the seal. Minato Namikaze used this technique to wrest a Sharingan-controlled Kurama from Tobi's control. Though the Contract Seal removes the summoner's ability to control its summon, it does not give the user of the fūinjutsu the ability to control the summon in turn, nor does it remove a summoner's ability to continue to summon the creature. This is the only way to make Kurama leave the battlefield, though it is very hard to lay this contact with the current battle situations.

    Wood Clone Technique
    A clone that is created by altering the user's own cells with chakra. It has more endurance than the normal shadow clones and doesn't disappear when hit by the enemies' attacks. Moreover, since it has the ability to merge with plants and trees, it is also great for reconnaissance missions. They have the ability to travel far from the user and are able to communicate with the original. The clones can be as simple in function as a wooden dummy for use in the Body Replacement Technique. The basic concept of the Shadow Clone Technique also applies to the Wood Clone Technique. However, the chakra-composed shadow clone and the cell-based wood clone are completely distinct techniques. By directly touching the wood clone with his hand, the user can absorb the information it gathered and change the shape of the clone. Unlike the Shadow Clone Technique the clone made of this technique doesn't disappear when it's hit and even appears to take the damage the same way the original body would take it, making it far more useful for deception than the Shadow Clone Technique.
    The clone is made up of the user's own cells, transformed into vegetation. Because of this, when it is changed into a seed and ingested into the body or left on a target, it can be used as a transmission device of sorts. The user can use these to track their target as the seeds respond to their chakra only. This and all other uses make this technique extremely convenient and, according to Madara Uchiha, the perfect clone technique that only he, with his dōjutsu, was able to see through.

    Wood Dragon
    After performing the required hand seals, the user creates a gigantic wooden dragon from the ground directly beneath them, which can then be directed to attack an intended target. Its shape closely resembles a Chinese dragon, though with a short trunk-like nose, having an elongated and serpentine body that is longer than Naruto Uzumaki's Tailed Beast Mode, which can be used to constrict larger opponents. It also has the ability to absorb a tailed beast's chakra once it is bound. As a Wood Release technique, it reacts to Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode, sprouting trees along its length. According to Madara Uchiha, Hashirama Senju used this technique to restrain Kurama in the past.

    Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees
    Taking advantage of the innate properties of Wood Release which allows the user to force trees to grow on any surface in an instant, the user creates a dense forest of flowering trees. The pollen produced by these flowers is then released into the atmosphere and when inhaled, renders any afflicted target unconscious.
    With enough willpower, it is possible to regain consciousness. However, in order to counter the technique fully, either the trees themselves must be destroyed completely or the target must continue to remain elevated above the dispersed pollen. This is probably Hashirama's strongest Jutsu, Madara will have a hard time with this one.

    Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees
    A technique developed by Hashirama Senju, founder of Konohagakure. The user forces trees to grow on any surface, easily creating a dense forest anywhere they choose. A small plant can grow into a forest in an instant. By generating chakra, the user manoeuvres it as they see fit for attack and defence; and furthermore, this omnipotent technique even allows them to capture the enemy at the same time. With their tremendous life force, the trees can pierce through earthen walls, and extend their branches at their prey in an instant. Even stating that Konohagakure wouldn't have been established without this technique wouldn't be an exaggeration.

    Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall
    An extremely versatile move, this technique uses chakra to activate the roots in the ground and, using the user of the technique as a reference point, makes wooden pillars appear from left and right. The wooden pillars join together in a dome-shape with the user at the centre. This process can be used to catch the enemy in a double sided attack. Also, in case one confronts the enemy at a short distance, the enemy can be locked up inside the dome, setting the situation for a one-on-one fight. This dome can also be collapsed or burnt with the enemy inside to inflict damage. Furthermore, it functions as an easy shelter against the enemy's long-distance attacks, like shuriken and kunai.

    Enjoy this Thread, this battle has been undecided for many times, but who has the most chance of winning?
    Give Good Arguments... Who do you think wins?

    EMS Madara or Hashirama?


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    Re: (Team Bolle) EMS Madara vs Hashirama

    Madara ofcourse he would win.

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    Re: (Team Bolle) EMS Madara vs Hashirama

    Hashi solos, as per canon.

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