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    Re: Kubo pulled the whole broken bankai thing out of his ass

    Quote Originally Posted by lubricati0n View Post
    ...It doesn't matter if it originally comes out the same form or not lmao. It is plainly an ability of his Bankai. For example, Daiguren Hyorinmaru has multiple abilities as well. None of them look the same, but they all utilize ice. Exact same thing with Senbonzakura, all abilities are made from the million petals. Don't see how you can say white imperial blade is not his Bankai. It is just one of numerous abilities. Senkei does not appear as petals, but the petals become swords. Does that mean it's not his Bankai?
    But all hyorinmaru tecs are ice..senkei an shukei are not petals much more different plus his sword did not really break it turned back into petals an just went away.
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