Kages Scene)
(The light caused by Kirin starts to dissipate, revealing an unharmed group and a strange metal pillar in their middle; the ground under them seems a little busted)
Sasuke: (thinking) It… missed?!
Tsuchikage: No matter how strong your Raiton might be, my Tetsuton: Sentou no Tengoku* will channel your lightning to the ground, making it ineffective.
Sasuke: What?!
Yamato: (thinking) What an impressive jutsu! It nullified with ease that huge Raiton!
Kakashi: (thinking) For an old man, he got impressive reflexes. In half a moment, performed a jutsu capable of attracting lightning, dissipating it under the ground…
Sasuke: (looks at the group, his vision starts to blur; thinking) My eyes… they took a severe toll from Amaterasu… and I depleted a good chunk of my chakra with Gouryuuka and Kirin…
Raikage: (starts to run towards Sasuke; his guards follow him) Now you’re mine, punk!

(Taka Scene)
(Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru and Hinata land in the vicinity of the Kage’s Summit site; the birds burst into ink, returning to Sai)
Sakura: Why did we land here?! We got to help Naruto!
Shikamaru: Calm down, Sakura! If we got in the middle of the fight like that, we could die! So let’s think of a way of helping Naruto without exposing ourselves.
Sakura: What are you talking about?! Naruto is fighting there, and –
White Zetsu: (sticking out of the nearest wall) Fu fu fu fu… (comes out of the wall; Taka comes out of the ground, they look angered to White Zetsu) Don’t look at me so wrathful, Madara wanted something from Sasuke only…
Suigetsu: That’s no excuse!
Sakura: Hey Akatsuki, get some!
Karin: Wha— (Sakura punches Karin in the face; Juugo grabs her, avoiding her fall)
White Zetsu: I’ll be going, have fun! (starts to vanish into the ground, but halts in the middle) What the hell… I can’t move! (Shikamaru’s shadow surrounds White Zetsu)
Shikamaru: Don’t you think you’re going anywhere! Hinata, quick, see if you can get some help, we’re not enough for them!
Hinata: Y-yes, Shikamaru-kun! (runs into the direction of the Kage’s Summit site, but she’s stopped by Juugo’s CS monstrous hand)
Suigetsu: Hmpfff… (starts to run towards Hinata, but some of Sai’s ink lions assault Suigetsu, that gets rid of them with his sword)
Sai: I’m your opponent.

(Kages Scene)
(Raikage tries to punch Sasuke, but he dodges; Darui and Shi try to strike Sasuke from behind with their swords, but no avail)
Sasuke: I was expecting more from Kirabi’s brother…
Raikage: Why, you…! (Tries to smack Sasuke, but Naruto stops his fist)
Naruto: Please… don’t…
Sasuke: I don’t need your pity, Naruto! (powers up a Chidori Sharp Spear, pointing towards Naruto)
Tsuchikage: Tetsuton: Kusari no Megami!* (chains burst from the ground, restraining Sasuke’s hands and dissipating Chidori Sharp Spear; Yamato uses a Mokuton jutsu to lock Sasuke’s legs)
Raikage: This is your end, brat. You’ll pay for your crimes, now!
Naruto: Please… I know Sasuke, he wouldn’t do what he did it wasn’t for Madara!
Sasuke: Hahahahaha… oh Naruto, you’re still so naďve… I did what I wanted to do!
Naruto: Sasuke!!!
Danzou: What are you waiting for executing him?!
Mizukage: If I were you I wouldn’t be so hasty. There are serious accusations against you, like the formation of Akatsuki, the genocide of the Uchiha and having the Sharingan of Uchiha Shisui.
Sasuke: What?! My brother’s friend eye? Itachi became twisted because of Shisui, and you dare taking his eye?! When I get my hands on you, you’re going to be so dead!
Naruto: (does an uppercut in Sasuke’s chin, making him spew blood) Enough with the killing talk, Sasuke! I’ll get that out of your system, even if it means beating the crap out of you!
(Kurotsuchi tilts her head towards where the other brawl is occurring)
Akatsuchi: What’s the matter, Kurotsuchi-chan?!
Kurotshuchi: It’s seems someone is fighting over there…
Ao: Allow me… Byakugan! (he sees eight people fighting) It’s a four versus four fight… and one of them it’s that white freaky guy from earlier.
Choujuurou: If it’s Akatsuki, we must help those who are fighting them! (looking at the rest of the guards) Right?!
Kankurou & Temari: Right!
Akatsuchi: Let’s go! (all the guards, except Danzou’s, go towards Taka; Kakashi and Mizukage stare at Danzou frigidly)

(Taka Scene)
(Dark Zetsu appears, fusing with White Zetsu)
White Zetsu: The first part of the Eye of the Moon’s plan is complete!
Dark Zetsu: Madara will be pleased.
Shikamaru: (thinking) Madara… and Eye of the Moon’s plan?
Dark Zetsu: Is that guy giving you trouble?
White Zetsu: Not for long. (Zetsu releases some spores that fly towards Shikamaru)
Shimaru: (thinking) Crap! I need to evade the spores, but I got to hold him! (an whirlwind counters the spores)
Temari: (landing near Shikamaru) Why you’re always in trouble when we meet?
Shikamaru: Who said I needed help?! Women…
Kankurou: But sure it looks you need some! (pulls out Sasori)
Suigetsu: (swinging his sword towards Sai, he summons more ink lions which are instantly slew) Ah! (Choujuurou appears, parrying Suigetsu with his swords) You!
Choujuurou: (jumping back, near Sai) Long time no see, Suigetsu. Still the newbie with a short fuse.
Suigetsu: What are you doing here?! Don’t tell me you’re Mizukage’s guardian!
Choujuurou: And a full fledged Swordsman of the Mist, unlike you… speaking of which, what are you doing with Zabuza’s sword?!
Kurotsuchi: (lands near Sai) Say, fishy guy, is the length of that sword compensating for something short?!
Suigetsu: W-what?!
Sai: Oh, it seems I’m not the only one thinking he got a small ****!
Suigetsu: W-what the hell you’re saying, perverts?!
Hinata: Byakugan! (sees Juugo’s chakra network; thinking) His amount of chakra, it’s huge!
Juugo: I’m not afraid of your veiny eyes, little girl! (extends a CS arm to Hinata, almost reaching )
Ao: Shinjuton: Shibomu Senbon!* (two pale-blue needles hit Juugo in the shoulders)
Juugo: Gahh!
Hinata: (in Byakugan vision; thinking) Those needles closed two Chakra Points… how?!
Akatsushi: Away! (rams his shoulders against Juugo’s arm)
Ao: A Hyuga… a pleasure to meet you.
Hinata: (staring at Ao; thinking) Those veins… a Byakugan?
Karin: A pink hair… you must be that annoying ***** Sasuke mentioned once!
Sakura: And what if I am?!
Karin: I must warn you, Sasuke long forgot you, he’s now all mine. (smirking) That beautiful body with that husky attitude, all begging for me…
Sakura: That’s it, you ****, I’ll erase that smirk out of your face!