1. Kakashi pretty much mastered his Mangekyou, he can teleport now as we saw recently.
So if Naruto starts to get overwhelmed Kakashi could just teleport himself and the others away? His only problem was chakra but Kurama got plenty of that for him.

I really doubt that Obito could follow them. He could follow them into his own dimension but how should he know where Kakashi is teleporting them afterwards? We saw the dimension, its pretty much empty..no doors with the location to where it leads written on them or stuff like that lol. He would need time to find them via Zetsu, enough time for Naruto to rest.

2. Obito can either be intangible or suck things up, he cant do both at once. Obito has one eye and Kakashi the other one but the eyes are still a set because they were originally from Obito.
My question: Could Obito go intangible while Kakashi is absorbing something? I really doubt it. They have the same eyes, they share the same dimension..the eyes are seperated but still connected somehow and act as they were in the same body. If thats the case it would be very easy to beat Obito.