Zetsu: (looking at Kankurou) It’s that Sasori?! I’m surprised thatyou’re using him, after all was because of him and Deidara that the Ichibi Jinchuuriki, your brother, was dead for a while.
Kankurou: Eh, I wouldn’t waste such a fine puppet. But don’t think that’s the only puppet I managed to salvage. (pulls the chakra strings of Sasori to make him, with a chakra string, grab a scroll in his back, opening it) Shiro Higi: Jukki Chikamatsu no Shuu!* (ten white-cloaked puppets appear; each puppet connects to one of Sasori’s fingers) Wait, there’s more! (summons Kuroari, Karasi and Shansouo) Feeling the heat already?
Zetsu: Meh, quantity isn’t everything…
Temari: Enough with the talking, let’s get serious! (opens her fan)
Suigetsu: Hummm, it’s seems your sword has bandages too, just like Samehada… are you trying to imitate Kisame-san?
Choujuurou: At least I’m not the one who profaned Zabuza-san… and the reason why my Ryuuhada** has bandages is the same as Samehada’s, it’s a living sword.
Suigetsu: What?!

Kurotsuchi: (thinking) A living sword?
Choujuurou: Allow me to demonstrate. (takes off the bandages of his sword, revealing a sword with reptilian scales, with an yellow ominous eye in the middle of the blade)
Suigetsu: You don’t scare me with that blade! The skill of the swordsman it’s all that counts! (rushes towards Choujuurou, swinging his sword, but he evades every swing; thinking) His reflexes… are amazing!
Choujuurou: What were you saying? With one swing of Ryuuhada, I’ll prove that you’re completely wrong. (swings Ryuuhada, but Suigetsu easily evades)
Suigetsu: Ah, you’re all talking! (coughs some blood) Uh?
Choujuurou: Oh, I must have forgotten to tell… see the eye in the middle of the blade? It casts a rather simple genjutsu, that only takes away your depth perception. When you thought I was evading your attacks, your were swinging your blade like crazy at a good distance from me. And when I swung my sword, you didn’t evade, you were cut.
Sai: (thinking) A genjutsu?
Choujuurou: And for the reason why you’re coughing blood, check your left shoulder.
Suigetsu: (looks at shoulder, in raw flesh) What?! How? My body should have turned to water when struck!
Choujuurou: And it did, but see, Ryuuhada is a living sword, so it needs to be fed. Since it can’t slice pure chakra and consume it like Samehada does, it consumed your Hydration Technique and sliced your skin with its scales. Then, it spewed some gastric juice in the wounds, taking extra chakra from your flesh. (Ryuuhada seems to be digesting)
Suigetsu: Damn you!
Juugo: Hmmmpf… more veiny eyes… no matter! (extends another CS arm to Hinata; Akatsuchi is holding the other CS arm)
Ao: Shinjuton: Kaigara! *** (creates a pale blue shield that stops Juugo’s arm) Let’s go!
Hinata: Right! (they advance towards Juugo)
Juugo: Aren’t you forgetting something? (retracts his arm stopped by the shield and directs it to Ao and Hinata)
Akatsuchi: Leave it to me! (frees the arm he was holding and performs Boar, Dragon, Tiger, Horse and Hare hand seals) Youton: Jigoku Kei!**** (streams of lava come out of the earth, burning his arms)
Juugo: Gah!

Hinata: (close to Juugo) Gentle Fist, Two Palms!
Ao: Shinjuton: Shibomu Senbon! (four needles strike Juugo’s chest)
Hinata: Four Palms! (eight needles from Ao) Eight Palms! (sixteen needles from Ao) Sixteen Palms! (thirty-two needles from Ao; scenario darkens to show Eight Trigrams) Eight Trigrams, Thirty-Two Palms!
Ao: Shinjuton: Arashi Senbon! ***** (spins, throwing sixty-four needles; Juugo spews blood and returns to normal)
Hinata: I think we got him! (Akatsuchi approaches and strikes his stomach, making Juugo pass out)
Sakura: Eat this! (smacks Karin, who falls)
Karin: (getting up) And you want Sasuke back? You lack the sophistication, knuckleheaded *****!
Sakura: (slaps Karin) Don’t you dare speaking about me and Sasuke, ****!
Karin: You will take that back! (slaps Sakura) I know Sasuke loves me, he craves me!
Sakura: (pulls Karin’s hair) I know Sasuke, he wouldn’t fall for a skank!
Karin: The Sasuke you knew doesn’t exist anymore! (scratches Sakura’s face)

* White Secret Technique: Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu

(Kages Scene)
(There is a wood cage with metal reinforcements and breathing holes in the middle of the Kages)
Naruto: (thinking) How low you have descended, Sasuke… caged like a wild beast…
Kakashi: (looking at Naruto; thinking) Poor Naruto… came all this way to see Sasuke in this state.
Raikage: The prick is harder than I thought… he endured a good beating before passing out.
Yamato: You shouldn’t have channeled your anger like that…
Raikage: Shut up, fool!
Danzou: Well, now he’s going to Konoha for his execution.
Naruto: What?!
Kakashi: Don’t you mean trial?
Mizukage: I concur with him. A trial seems fair.
Tsuchikage: A trial, why not?
Gaara: That’s the least you should do, Hokage.
Danzou: Tsh… as you wish.
Raikage: I don’t trust you, old fox. I’m going to Konoha too. I want to see this trial.
Tsuchikage: Excellent idea!
Mizukage: Since this Summit has failed, seems wise all the Kages in the trial.
Gaara: Shouldn’t we check how are guardians are doing?
Naruto: (looks around) Where did they go anyway?
Mizukage: They went help a group from Sasuke’s Akatsuki fellows.
Naruto: What? What are we waiting for, let’s go!

(Taka & Kages)
(Zetsu is beneath a Lion-Headed Kannon and reveals several cuts; Suigetsu looks like a bloody blob, Juugo and Karin are unconscious; the guards and Konoha nin are smiling, except Sakura, who is beaten up)
Naruto: Hey, what are you doing here, guys?
Shikamaru: (tired) You came late for the show, Naruto.
Sakura: Where… is… Sasuke?
Yamato: We’re returning with him to Konoha, for his trial. (Naruto closes his eyes)
Tsuchikage: Shouldn’t we pick up the rest for trial?
Raikage: I agree.
Danzou: (staring at Sai; thinking) Now you’ll pay for your treason. (starts to perform an hand seal; Naruto grabs his right arm, while Kakashi grabs his left)
Naruto: Don’t even think of doing that!
Kakashi: You heard him.
Danzou: Hmpffff… (thinking) It seems you earned their trust… maybe a second chance… (Sai looks nervous)