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Then get of this forum, if you hadn't noticed it yet there's a war going on in Naruto.
I only came to enlighten people. But if you don't wonna understand or accept the truth, then get off my post There's an obvious difference between anime/cartoons and tv shows/movies that involve real people. :sy:

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the orginal movie was based on a wars sim that nato came up with in the 80s and they used the same airborn attack that the russians used in the Afghan war of the 80s. this is not taken it lightly but one pos look of prob events
But what's the point of producing a film that repeats history. It's almost like as if they're trying to ridicule the wars that happened in the past. It's for entertainment they say, that's just an excuse for them to make alot of money. The don't care about the outcome that such films give. The Film Industry has caused alot of derision. America was a peaceful and beautiful haven, now it's becoming almost like the movies. But now it's also the world though. It could be the wrath of God for such evil. Please see this for more information on the world being in a genjutsu > http://www.narutobase.net/forums/sho...d.php?t=249496