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    Re: Sasuke's Legacy

    What will become of him? Hell open a shoe shop and sell sneakers with the uchiha emblem till the end of his days.

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    Re: Sasuke's Legacy

    Hopefully, he'll start his own village. If he returns to Konoha, I'll mail my own gob of spit to Kishimoto.

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    Re: Sasuke's Legacy

    A life-size statue of Itachi is made in the village square. Naruto brings Sasuke back to the village but only to be banished due to everybody's hatred for him. Sasuke gorges out his eyes and tells Naruto to give them back to Itachi(his statue) and that the Sharingan was the symbol of hatred for him. The ANBU chases him out of the village, but not before Sasuke swares to Naruto that he will continue to protect Konoha from the shadows as a blind fighter.

    ^Not gonna happen but I can always dream xD most likely he'll either get killed or brought back to the village peacefully... personally I have a feeling like it's going to be the second and Naruto will try "defying fate" somehow.

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