I been a fan of Nintendo ever since the SNES came out.

I dealt with a lot of RPG based games with every system. And none comes to the comparison of Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Star. That game made records. It was the best out of everything. Even the original paper Mario games had the same basic concept of classic RPG's.

What I think of the game. The battle styles did not exceed my expectations. It felt a bit half ass. I mean have some levels, badges, partners. Something like TTYD! And it's true we can't expect a story from a Mario game but the series of Paper Mario made me expect the unexpected. Super Paper Mario made it looked like a better game in comparison. I'm disappointed in Nintendo. And the past recent games. It seem they are trying there best to come with top notch stuff. But I don't see it working. It might be just me. But Nintendo is far off.