Forgotten Roots....

Orochimaru: we are close...

Orochimaru leads Taka towards Konoha. They get through the barrier easily, it is one seems to be around, the village seems empty.

Sasuke: why are we back in the village?

Orochimaru: the one you seek to consent lies here of course.

Orochimaru leads them further into Konoha, towards an abandoned part of the village, the place looks really shabby and worn out; it seems like no one has been around there for quite a long time.

Sasuke: better not be messing with me.

Orochimaru: should know, I am not one to play games. You will see soon enough.

They reach the entrance to what looks like an old building, it has the Uchiha crest hanging from it, it's almost about to fall.

Orochimaru: in here.....lets go..

Sasuke: how could you......?!

Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun, don't underestimate my thirst for knowledge, I know more than you can imagine.

Suigetsu and Juugo have been quietly following, Suigetsu looks worried, he is always looking at Orochimaru. Juugo is looking around,expressionless as always.

They all enter a room with many adjacent mats on the floor.

Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun....if you would like to do the honours....

Sasuke walks up to the 7th tatami mat and lifts it to reveal a secret passageway underneath

Sasuke: why are we at my clans old meeting place?

Orochimaru: you already know why, don't you Sasuke-kun?

Sasuke: you know about Nakano's shrine?!

Orochimaru: I have longed to examine it properly for my entire life.

They all walk up to the shrine, Sasuke and Orochimaru stand over it side by side.

Sasuke: what do you hope to find here? these scriptures hold nothing but teachings left to the Uchiha, you can't even read them.

Orochimaru: I have learned more than I could ever hope to, I think you know what must be done now!

Sasuke looks at Orochimaru, looks back at the shrine and activates his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, blood drips from his left eye...


The shrine bursts into black flames, a spirit like entity rises from underneath and screams before vanishing, a seal that had been placed, seems to have come undone. Beneath the shrine is a hole large enough for a grave.

Sasuke: don't tell me....

Orochimaru: heh let us begin.....