This thread is about the Juubi, its six tomoe eye and what used to be its 9 tomoe eye. I have a theory as to why the eye is currently depicted differently from its original design. The theory itself did turn out a little long, so if you want to skip to the end (2nd to last paragraph), than go right ahead.

Now we all know that the original 9 tomoe was introduced way back in 467 and as recently as chapter 606 we've seen it represented with 6-tomoe. Now many people have suggested that the 6 tomoe represents an incomplete transformation, basically they say that if the Juubi had been revived with all the power of the 9 biju, it would have been revived with 9 tomoe. However, I have some problems with this theory and its overall likelihood.

First off, it is confirmed that the Juubi contains 100% of the chakra from biju 1-7 and contains only a portion of 8 and 9, correct? Now if each of the 9 tomoe represent one beast's chakra, than wouldn't we see the Juubi with 7 tomoe and not 6? Basically I'm arguing that only having 6 of its 9 tomoe would not make sense considering that which we already know. But even more importantly, we actually saw evidence of the 6 tomoe in a recent chapter:

Now just one occurrence like this in the manga is essentially negligible, but as soon as it happens twice, it something that cannot be ignored:

Basically what I am saying is that Kishi outright CHANGED THE DESIGN of the Juubi's eye for a VERY DISTINCT PURPOSE. I feel, with the utmost certainty, that the 9 tomoe will never occur in the manga again at this point, only the 6 tomoe.

Now before I reveal my explanation as to why Kishi changed it, I want to bring up one other theory. At least one person said that they believe that the 6 tomoe would become 9 under the influence of a 3-tomoe sharingan. They say that perhaps a sharingan user controlling the 6 tomoe results in a 9-tomoe. But I have one major problem with that:

Here is the juubi showing the 9 tomoe with, who else, but the sage. And I think we can all agree (correct?) that the sage only had the Rinnegan, not a normal sharingan. So case in point, how could the Juubi's 6 tomoe appear as a 9 tomoe when the Sage himself never had access to the sharingan?

I could try to go on with this, but the point I'm getting at is that Kishi outright changed the design of the eye itself, and nothing more. We have seen him do this before, most notably in Sasuke's case. Now I have posted this example many times, but Kishi CLEARLY CHANGED the design of Sasuke's EMS from each eye being an inverse of one another to being identical. Essentially, he changed the design for ASCETIC REASONS more than anything, and that is exactly what I'm suggesting here.

Long story short, here is my theory:

Sasuke (as many people suggested) will get, what is now, the 6 tomoe. People say this because most assumed he would get the Rinnegan, but at this point, the Rinnegan is overused, old-hat, worthless, whatever you want to call it. So the only logical explanation is that he gets something greater than this, the 6 tomoe. However, I think many people discounted this theory simply because THE IDEA OF SOMEONE HAVING A PAIR OF 9 TOMOE EYES WOULD SIMPLY BE RIDICULOUS. It would simply look terrible and not be ASCETICALLY pleasing at all. Therefore, the extent of my theory is that Kishi changed it from 9 to 6 simply because he wants to give the eye to Sasuke and feels that a 6 tomoe would look much better on him than a 9 tomoe, simple as that.

Now go ahead and flame me if you wish, but we've have multiple examples of Kishi outright changing things in his manga for one reason or another. Some seem to be for ascetic reasons, as I've shown, but also for convenience purposes, like representing physical forms of the Edo Tensei's soul (a clear change from souls shown in the past) in order to show Dan's ghost tech and to allow Madara to return to his edo body. What I'm trying to say is that I feel there is no reason to believe that Kishi would not change something like this for such a simple reason. Thoughts, comments, suggestions, further discussions?