SixPaths Sage Mode.

But seriously, Temari (or Itachi I guess) going Weasel Sage might be cool. Others ideas are: Hawk Sage (Sasuke), Tapir Monster Thing Sage Mode (Danzo), Salamander Sage Mode (Hanzo), Owl Sage Mode (Motoi [You know, that Kumo dude, fanboy of Bee{This seems more logical than most of these}]), Konan Sage Mode (Nagato), Giant Clam Sage Mode (Trollkage)

Last but not least, Kyuubi Sage (Obito). Logic goes: He summoned it, so he's Sage of it. GodDAMN that's OP. Also Statue of the Outer Path Sage Mode (Madara, Nagato)

My favorites are Tapir Monster Thing Sage Mode and Konan Sage Mode.