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    Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan 3.0

    He'll kill us......He'll kill all of us. I've heard stories but I never thought he existed.


    Name: Broly
    Nickname: The Legendary Super Saiyan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Clan: /


    Broly has spiky golden hair with bangs.When enraged Broly tends to use the Transformation Technique to transform into what he calls, Legendary Super Saiyan. As a Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly's hair retains the golden color from his normal form while gaining a faint green tint and his pupils turn white. In addition to this, Broly's muscles become engorged to extreme levels and he also grows taller by a few feet after ascending to this form. However this is all purely cosmetic and has no influence in power, speed or anything else. The rest of his attire consists of white pants and a red sash.


    Broly's personality is similar to that of a psychopath, as he generally exhibits tremendously uncontrollable rage, and is uplifted by the very idea of bringing destruction and inevitably crushing his enemies. He loves nothing more than to destroy things. Broly also has a tendency to toy with his victims, as evidenced by his statement that, and "If you'd just let me kill you all before, you wouldn't be dealing with this pain now," Broly enjoys playing with his feeble foes with sadistic sarcasm, often teasing his opponents with a plethora of "free punches". Broly himself rarely has anything to fear from any opponent he faces, which may have contributed to this. It is implied that Broly might have grown insane from living with the pain and fear endured by him and his father for so long.While Broly is able to converse with his enemies when he has just transformed into LSSJ, when he is completely enraged he starts chanting his opponents name in an obsessive manner. However, while in a non transformed state in, as besides grunting and yelling, he also displays a noticeably larger dialogue as he constantly talks about killing his opponents, taunts them and displays dark humor.


    Village of Birth |Konohagakure

    Village of Alliance | Konohagakure


    Ninja Rank | Sannin

    | Sensory | Lightning | Taijutsu | Satsui no Hado |


    Broly has a large affinity to this energy based attack, using it most of the time in his battles. Combined with his speed and crushing Taijutsu attacks, Broly has been known to be very dangerous with lightning. From using this element so much he can perform all lightning jutsus with a single handseal.

    感覚の | Sensory
    Broly is able to sense the power (chakra) levels of any enemy around him, he can pick out familiar chakras of the members of his village, as well as being able to detect how many enemies are around.

    体術 |Taijutsu
    Broly, having learned taijutsu from an Lord Of Kaos, an EIG master, is excellent at the art of taijutsu since he was taught by such a great master. He is also undergoing Leg Weight training with Scorps, having just been bestowed with a pair of Leg Weights. Although he still can't use them.

    Satsui no Hado
    Broly has started training in the art of Satsui no Hado under the teachings of the EIG master Lord of Kaos. The training within this has increased his speed, strength, and power beyond that of a normal human fighter at the cost of his humanity. When Broly embraces Satsui no Hado his sanity completely breaks, and he becomes a monster without fear, bent on destruction of both his opponent and everything around him. His eyes turn white and he has been known to chant the word "Kakarot" when this happens. Due to his training he is able to move at speeds equal to Rock Lee without weights.

    兵器| Weaponry
    Beneath his red sash Broly carries a pouch full of standard ninja weapons like shuriken, kunai, smoke and flashbombs, as well as a standard katana on his right hip that are all easily accesible. He also has seals for "Lightning Blade Creation" on both of his wrists from which he can summon various weapons.


    Other Training
    根 Genjutsu: Mastered
    拳 Taijutsu: Mastered
    寄 Summon: Cardinal
    萬 Ninjutsu: S Rank

    (Chakra Henkanshi no Jutsu) - Chakra Sensing Technique

    Rank: C
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra cost: 15
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: This is a very advanced of advancing the ability to feel chakra. The technique allows the user to concentrate and detect someones chakra. Using these technique sensors can tell when the enemy is approaching and can easily track down targets. (Techniques activation lasts 5 turns)
    Note: Can only be used by bio with sensory ability



    Broly was born within the walls of Konoha like any other normal baby. He was placed beside another baby named PresidentBush, within the ward. While Broly tried to peacefully sleep, PresidentBush's incessant crying kept him up, placing hatred for him within his subconscious. While the attendants of the hospital were going over each baby's chakra level, to see which one they think would fare better then the others, it was noted that Broly had an unusual chakra level. When word of his chakra level got to the Hokage Scary Yamato, he was intrigued, and thought that perhaps Broly should be killed before he poses a threat to Konoha. However, Broly's father Lord of Kaos pleaded with the Hokage to let his son live, citing that he could be a great help to the kage and his son Scorps. Scary Yamato, in all of his wisdom, agreed with Lord of Kaos and allowed Broly to live to stay within Konoha.


    Years later, PresidentBush had moved out of the village and Broly was a budding ninja. In the Konoha Academy he would meet two of his best friends General Teno, and Asunathey fought and grew stronger with each passing day, becoming friends and rivals. But as Broly grew stronger, and knew he was stronger than all of the others, he began to sort of.... Feel. How much weaker everyone else was. He focused on this feeling each day and found out that he was able to sense the power (chakra) levels of all those around him, for very long distances. When his family and fellow villagers found this out the Hokage had him made to be one of his bodyguards, due to his ability to sense enemies.

    The Legendary Super Saiyan

    Of course with all his power Broly went on several S rank missions. No one having seen Broly fight seriously before, they were unprepared for the pure savage that he was in battle. Broly, within battle is demon like, an unstoppable force. One day on a joint mission with Iwagakure, he met Selendrile. Selendrile had heard of the mighty brute known as Broly, the one they called the Legendary Super Saiyan, and was excited to meet him. Selendrile respected Broly a great deal and that respect was returned by Broly, who had heard of the kiyoshi clans power. They became great friends along with Asuna, Teno, and Light and to this day he can detect their chakra signatures very easily.

    Go on, say it Vegeta. Broly, the legend, is now free, broken from my control, from anyone's control. He has become what I was honored and afraid he would become. The true Super Saiyan...a killing machine. He won't stop now, not until he has destroyed this entire planet!


    Pictures: See bio

    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: Few*
    Lost: Many

    permission from passion:
    permission from scorps:

    Caliburn, PLEASE let me keep the words "power levels" in there that one time it is
    if you do i shall bestow upon you one ice cream :ice:

    Added leg weights
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