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    Lust | Dark Release Bio

    Basic Information

    Name: Lust
    Nickname: "Solaris", "The Ultimate Spear", "Lust the Lascivious"
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23 (by looks)
    Clan: Dark Release User

    Lust wears a skin tight dark maroon or dark green dress that goes from the top of her breasts all the way down to her ankles. She wears matching gloves with a red line running at the seam of the gloves that also attaches to the dress at times. Lust also wears matching boots that are said to go up to her knees under the dress. Her curly long brown hair reaches down towards her back with bangs covering part of her face. Her eyes are a light brown color and she also has a tattoo on her sternum, just above her breasts.

    Lust is very aggressive towards her enemy’s, say how she thinks that they are frail, predictable and generally stupid. To her friends and villagers, she is almost like a mother figure to the younger ones and a reliable ally to those who are in need. She tries to also be seductive towards her enemies to try and distract them or to throw them off guard in order to fulfill her missions. Whenever she is not fighting or away from other people, she ends up doing the oddest things like creating new clothes for her to wear.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Kirigakure

    Village of Alliance: Sunagakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Sage (in posts)
    Specialty: Dark Release
    Wind Release MASTERED
    Fire Release MASTERED
    Water Release MASTERED
    Lightning Release MASTERED
    Earth Release MASTERED
    Dark Release -

    Your ninjutsu:
    Ninjutsu - COMPLETED
    Genjutsu – In training
    Taijutsu – COMPLETED
    Kenjutsu -COMPLETED
    Peacocks – Owner
    Kite - Signer

    Background Info.
    Lust was born in Kirigakure with her six other siblings and her father. Her father named each of his children after the 7 deadly sins. She was the only girl amongst the six other children and the only one with weird squares on her left hand so it was hard for her to herself amongst her siblings.

    Her father had each of the siblings go to the ninja academy when they were of age, but didn’t like seeing Lust go there. He didn’t want her to get harmed in any way possible because of the squares on her hand. Lust thought it was stupid of him to think that since she could take care of herself. When she reached the age of 10, she graduated from the ninja academy and had formed a team with her brothers Gluttony and Envy. They took their missions seriously and always came back successfully.

    However, one day, Lust was cleaning the house while her siblings and her father were out doing things in the village. When she went to go and clean her father’s room, she saw several scrolls on the floor that had Lust’s name on it. Curious, she read the scroll which explained why she had the squares on her hand. It said that Lust has the ability to wield Dark release, a special kekki genkei that Lust had never even heard of before. Later that night, she asked her father what dark release was and he explained it all to her. Interested, she asked her father if she could leave the village to find a trainer to teach her dark release. He let her go and she set off to different parts of the world at the age of 21.

    One year later, She stumbled upon a village in need of new villagers. That village was called Amegakure and being a bit tired from all the walking she thought she could rest there for a while. When she got there though, there was alot of other people enjoying the new village and it looked insanely fun to her. She then met a man named Nagato.. who could teach Dark release. She asked him to teach her Dark Release and he took her in as a student. Lust spent nearly 3 weeks learning Dark release from Nagato..and had mastered it completely. She then decided that it was a great idea to stay in the village for a while until she needed to move on from Ame.


    Custom Weapon:
    (Yoruyonaka Kaze) Midnight Wind
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: A
    Range: Short
    Chakra: N/A
    Damage: N/A
    Description: This sword was made by ancient samurai's long ago. It was made and crafted at midnight for several years. Because it was made at midnight, the design on the sword shows a stary night sky but has no effect to what the sword can really do. The sword can only use A rank wind and lower by sending their wind into the sword. The sword cannot use most of the techniques that require releasing wind chakra through the mouth, but can use techniques that releases wind chakra thorough the hands. meaning that the sword can only use wind techniques that require the use of hands. The user infuses their wind chakra into the sword to preform wind techniques with a valid reason.
    -Can only be used by Sindy


    Theme Song and Background Music:

    Won: a good amount
    Lost: umm ~_~

    Dropping Tsunade Bio
    Previous Dark release bio: xherex

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