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    Naruto 610 Prediction (SAVIOR)

    (Scene shows the Juubi making a big roar)

    Juubi: WOOOOHHH!!! At last.... Im Free.... The Sage of the 6 path is no more for me to be sealed away again.

    (Scene shows Naruto, Kakashi, Gai, Killer bee Struck....)

    (Scene shows the whole ninja army already landed at the battlefield)

    Shikamaru: What is that thing??

    Neji: (Byakugan) Is this true??? A huge mass of chakra is contained on the body of that thing...

    Neji: Its unbelievable in its chakra amount... just like Naruto's chakra before but still it should be multiplied by a hundred..

    (Scene Shows Naruto and Killer Bee)

    Naruto: Lets do it again..

    (Scene shows Naruto and Killer Bee making a combined Bijuu Bomb)

    Killer bee: Eat this you mudda****a, with our combined powers you should feel a wakka..

    (Scene Shows The bijuu bomb blasted on the Juubi)

    Juubi: Rarrr!!! Its no match to me!!! ahahaha!!! Now the World Destruction awaits all of you.... See old hag sage.... you cant stop me now... World Domination will be at last like your first born son plans....

    Madara: Juubi!!! Im the one ressurected you... Im your savior from the moon... the stone that sealed you away.

    (Scene shows Juubi making a stand at Madara)

    Juubi: That eye... is he???

    Madara: Im Uchiha Madara... Im the one who plan all this...

    Juubi: Uchiha.... hmmm.... Just like the prophecy of the Sage of the Six paths before he sealed me and divided me into 9 Bijuus.

    Madara: I will be your vessel in controlling this Ninja World. With us teamed up nothing is against our way..

    (Scene shows Juubi looked over to Killer Bee and Naruto)

    Juubi: That cloak.... indeed the prophecy is true... well then... I Should kill him first...

    (Scene shows the ninja armies gathered near Naruto)

    (Scene Shows Kakashi jump near naruto, with Guy and everybody else)

    Naruto: We will win this war at any cost.. event if it cost my life...

    Whole Ninja Army: And ALL OF US!!!!

    Kakashi: (Naruto made a battle rally, for everyone to be all-out)

    (Scene shows Tobi jump near Madara and the Juubi)

    Madara: Shall we begin Juubi???

    (Scene shows makes a big roar)

    Juubi: SILENCE!!!!

    (Scene shows Madara is silenced and everybody else at the battlefield and they are all shocked)

    (Scene shows huge aura of chakra is appearing on body of the Juubi)

    Juubi: Before any of you sprouted in this world... Sage of 6 paths created it really and make the world a better place.

    Juubi: to make the story short, he had 2 sons, the first born has the eye prowess while the second born has the spiritual energy.

    Juubi: Both have the skills and abilities except the eye and the spiritual energy inherited by the two so that makes them both unique with each other.

    Juubi: The Sage of the 6 Paths appointed the 2nd Son to be the ruler of the New World because of the 1st born inconsistencies.

    Madara: What are you talking about???

    Juubi: You commemorate my first master... he has the eyes "Rinnegan as you are" he has the plan also as you are.

    Madara: So whats the point???

    Juubi: You fool!!! that boy lately throws a bijuu bomb at me also commemorates the 2nd son of the Sage of the 6 paths...

    (Scene shows Kurama looking at Naruto)

    Kurama: I knew it!!! you are indeed the savior for all of us...

    Naruto: Kurama we will not lose this war i promise!!

    Tobi: He is Uzumaki Naruto, Son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina..

    Madara: I see.. Uzumaki Clan is related to Senju Clan... So he posses some Hashirama's traits and skills... no wonder he controlled the Kyuubi that well..

    Juubi: So it seems the Old Sage Prophecy is true....

    (Scene shows some flashback)

    Sage of the 6 paths: My son, you disobeyed me, your plans in life is way out of the line comparing to your brother.

    1st Son: You will regret this,, you picked my brother for what??? for ruling the world with his peace??? you give me no choice

    1st Son: (making handseals) Come forth Juubi!!

    Sage on paths: Not so fast (Making Handseals) "World Genesis"

    (Scene shows the Juubi is sealed away on the moon)

    (Scene shows Making flashback)

    Sage of the Six Paths: I divided you all 9 bijuus to find the true peace that we all been looking for... till then after my death... you will experience to be controlled and to the end a savior will save us all and put everthing on place..

    (Scene shows back at Juubi speaking)

    Madara: Juubi!! make me your vessel to unleash your full power!!

    Juubi: I will for sure... but no wonder you can control me,,, im controlling you!!!!

    Madara: huh????

    Juubi: First I will kill the Savior!!!!!

    (Scene shows the Juubi is rushing to Naruto)

    Juubi: For the prophecy says the savior will be the one that will seal me again after my rebirth!!!!!!!

    (Scene shows flash back to sage of the 6 paths)

    Sage of the 6 paths: I leave the most to you Kyuubi, since your the powerful among others you will be the support for our saviour:

    (Scene shows Juubi and Kurama Shouting)

    Juubi: THE SAVIOR MUST DIE!!!!

    Kurama: NARUTO!!!!

    (What must our savior do to defeat the 10 tailed beast???) (Will kurama save Naruto vs. the Juubi??)

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    Re: Naruto 610 Prediction (SAVIOR)

    My freaking gosh! Haha, this was awesome! xD How do you give + rep again.?! xD
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    Re: Naruto 610 Prediction (SAVIOR)

    It's ok but way too long.... Also do you really think the Juubi is gonna just come out and start talking right away??? None of the other tailed beasts have....

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    Re: Naruto 610 Prediction (SAVIOR)

    Sorry, just a question do you know Tobi is Obito.
    Also I don't really like the 'ahaha', and yes the Juubi can talk...but what makes you think he'll start talking right away especially when he's free and enraged..?

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    Re: Naruto 610 Prediction (SAVIOR)

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice bro trully epic great cliffy

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    Re: Naruto 610 Prediction (SAVIOR)

    How come juubi's master was the first son?
    Isn't the So6P sealed the Juubi in himself and then split it into 9 Bijuus at the time of his death?
    Your Juubi is more talkative and a story teller.

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    Re: Naruto 610 Prediction (SAVIOR)

    ohoho ahhimane,,, you are busy making critics on my prediction and from the first place did not notice your inconsistencies. What a pity!! ahahaha just compare your list of predictions with mine...

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