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    Naruto: 610 --- Apocalypse

    Dust is swirling around the Juubi who is crouched, seemingly ready to spring into action. It's ten-tails are whipping around, causing the smoke to flush over the distressed heroes.

    Naruto: !

    Kakashi: We were too late?

    Gai (bloodied): Damn ...

    Bee: I thought we stopped it!

    Elsewhere in the woods ...

    Orochimaru: (Face blurs) This chakra ... ! It can't be.

    Sasuke: (Turning slightly) What is it?

    Suigetsu: (Sheepishly) Probably gonna try and take your body now ...

    Juugo: (Kabuto is on his back) . . . .

    Orochimaru: (Smiling) We must hurry. The end of the world is nigh.

    [The panel split's into a triangle showing Taka's faces, confused.]

    Sasuke: (Demanding) What are you talking about?!

    Orochimaru: (Turns and his tongue rolls out) Can't you feel it, Sasuke-kun?

    Sasuke: What?

    [He closes his eyes and focuses before opening them, revealing his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. A giant hand belonging to the Juubi crashes towards him, a malicious voice booming, "DIE!"]

    Meanwhile ...

    Naruto: (Grabs Kakashi) Move!

    [He jumps aside, nearly being flattened by the Juubi's palm.]

    Obito: (Phases through it)

    [The Earth sinks in, fissures tearing throughout the ground as it capsizes. It quickly locates Naruto's position, willing it's tails upward only to have them crash back down while he barely dodges, Kakashi flailing on his back.]

    Naruto: (Sweating and sorrounded by tails) It's Sharingan must have predicted my movements, but still, my speed kept us alive!

    Bee: (Shooting a bijuu-dama) Die Motha****a, die!!!

    [The black sphere races towards the Juubi and it bellows, the sound wave dispersing the energy ball and slamming into the eight-tails chest, sending him backward through forest and causing Gai to fall off of him.]

    Bee: Gyaah!

    [The Juubi's tails begin to pull, yanking the rock they were dug into out, the product, a ball the size of a mountain. Naruto forms tails out of the cloak and slams them into the mound to keep his balance. It flings the mountain towards Bee's and it slams on top of him, blood gushing out of his mouth.]

    Naruto: Woah!

    Kakashi: Kamui!

    [The two teleport away appearing next to Gai whom they also absorb up. The Juubi begins to charge it's own bijuu-dama which blots out the moon, cascading the area in darkness. It shoots it to the Hachibi who has reverted back too Bee.]

    Bee: !

    The explosion is similar to a nuclear bomb detonation complete with a mushroom cloud and radius. A giant hole is left in the Earth where the strike hit and nothing is left except the lava welling up over the edges.

    Madara: That's enough ... make it stop. Since your Rinnegan is directly tied to the beast, you can exert control over it.

    Obito: (Show's his Rinnegan) The creature falls back into a crouch, waiting.

    [A portal appears in the middle of the destruction. Four individuals appear, all who are badly injured and heavily damaged, including Bee whom they managed to save just before the attack hit]

    Naka Shrine ...

    Sasuke: Why are we here?

    Orochimaru: Patience. Juugo, take Kabuto to the orphanage we passed by outside the city gates and Suigetsu ... watch guard.

    Juugo: (Jumps away)

    Suigetsu: What? No way! I'm not leaving Sasuke alone with you, creeper!

    Sasuke: Just do it. (Turns) Let's go.

    [Inside, Orochimaru activates the trick to make the Stone Tablet appear.]

    Orochimaru: The better your Sharingan becomes, the more you can read ... I wonder what you'll see Sasuke-kun.

    Sasuke: (EMS) This is ... the Rinnegan, eh.
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    Re: Naruto: 610 --- Apocalypse

    That's actually really close to Kishi's writing style. Nice.

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    Re: Naruto: 610 --- Apocalypse

    Shit, this is the best thread for 610 that I have read. Good job

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    Re: Naruto: 610 --- Apocalypse

    lol gai shirtless? kakashi without his mask?

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    Re: Naruto: 610 --- Apocalypse

    Pretty accurate in terms of writing style.

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    Re Naruto: 610 --- Apocalypse

    Naruto 610 Prediction
    A Chance For Change

    Obito - Yes
    Madara - Lets Begin
    Naruto - No Where To Late
    Gai - Aaag Can't Move
    Kakashi - The Chakra Is To Much
    Obito - We Can Create The Dream World
    Madara - Whats The We Thing
    Obito - What
    Naruto Clone - Wow It's Chakra Is So Peaceful
    Bee - Naruto Lets Run
    Naruto Clone - No Wait
    Madara - Jubi I Resurrect I Will Control You
    Obito - Wait This Isn't Part Of The Plan
    Madara - You Usefulness Has Come To A End
    Madara Cuts Obito's Hashirama Arm Off With His Susanoo Sword
    Obito - Aaagh!!!
    Kakashi - Obito!!!!
    Jubi - You The One With Rinnegan
    Madara - What You Pet
    Jubi Makes 7 Bijuu Dama's And Fires Them At Madara And A Massive Explosion
    Naruto Clone - Jubi
    Jubi - What Little One
    Jubi Has A Shocked Look
    Jubi - Rikudō Sennin You Live In This Boy
    Gyūki - Bee Run
    Kurama - Naruto Lets Go
    Naruto / Bee - No
    Naruto's Clone Pops
    Naruto - Jubi What Are You Going To Do
    Jubi - I Want To Leave There No More Need For The Bijuu So I'm Take Gyūki And
    Naruto - But Me Kurama Just Became Friends
    Madara - Your Not Going Anywhere Jubi Your Mine For The Taking
    Obito - Kakashi Get Away From Me
    Kakashi - No Let Us Help You
    Obito - I Said Stay Back You ****ing Trash
    Madara Turn On His Perfect Susanoo And Runs At The Jubi
    Jubi - Amaterasu Shinra Tensei
    Naruto - No Way
    Jubi Punch Madara's Perfect Susanoo And Completely Destroy It
    Jubi - Human Path
    Madara - Nooo!!!
    The Jubi Pulls Out Madara's Soul And Crushs It In Her Hand
    Jubi - Ok You
    Naruto - Me
    Jubi - Yes Come With Me
    Jubi Teleports Herself And Naruto To Her Own World
    Jubi - My Name Is Shinda
    Naruto - Nice To Meet You Shinda
    Shinda - Thank You Your Just Like Rikudō Sennin
    Naruto - How Did Grandpa Rikudō Sennin Become A Jinchūriki
    Shinda - Well He Stop The Other Human From Destroing My Temple But They Hurt Him Very Badly
    Naruto - How Didn't He Have Rinnegan
    Shinda - No
    Naruto - Why
    Shinda - Let Me Finish
    Naruto - Sorry
    Shinda - The Only Way To Save Was To Turn Him Into A Jinchūriki

    The End Next Week
    The Final Power Up
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    Re: Re Naruto: 610 --- Apocalypse

    Naruto 611 Prediction
    The Final Power Up

    Naruto - Sealed Your Self Inside Of Him To Save His Life
    Shinda - Yes
    Switch Over To Sasuke
    Sasuke - What Was That
    Orochimaru - God Damn It Tobi
    Jugo - It's A Giant Mass Of Chakra
    Suigetsu - Let Go Get It For Areself
    Orochimaru - Are You Stupid
    Sasuke - What Is It
    Orochimaru - A True God The Jubi
    Sasuke / Suigetsu / Jugo Have A Shocked Look
    Sasuke - Jubi How Is That
    Orochimaru - It's All 9 Bijuu Fused Together
    Switch Over To The Kages
    A - Hokage Why
    Tsunade - I Couldn't Let You All Die
    Gaara - ....
    Mei - Madara Was To Much
    Ōnoki - We Have To Stop Madara
    Tsunade - Tell Naruto He's The 6th Hokage
    Switch Over Killer Bee Gai Kakashi And Obito
    Kiler Bee - Ok Obito Give It Up
    Kakashi - Please Obito
    Explosion Happen Behind Them And Madara Jumps Out
    Madara - Damn The Jubi
    Obito - How Are You Alive
    Madara - The Jubi Attack A Wood Clone
    Then Killer Bee Gets Warped Away
    Madara - What
    Switch Over To Shinda And Naruto
    Killer Bee - Aaagh Jubi How Dare You
    Naruto - Calm Down Uncle Bee
    Shinda - Both Of You Relax
    Shinda Pull Gyūki And Kurama From Bee And Naruto Without Killing Them
    Kurama - Whats Happening
    Shinda Release The Other Bijuus And Absorb Gyūki And Kurama Chakra
    Shinda - Shukaku , Matatabi , Isobu , Son Gokū , Kokuō , Saiken , Chōmei , Gyūki , Kurama
    All Bijuu - What Jubi
    Shinda - For Starters My Name Is Shinda
    Shukaku - I Feel So Weak
    Shinda - Don't Get Worked Up All Of Your Chakra's Will Return Sooner Or Later
    Shinda - Naruto
    Naruto - What
    Shinda Fist Bumbs Naruto And Give Him Some Of Her Chakra
    Naruto - Why
    Shinda - So You Can End This War And If You Need More Chakra Or To Summon Me Feel Free To
    Shinda - Bee Hear
    Killer Bee - What
    Shinda - Some Of Gyūki Chakra
    Matatabi - So Only Naruto Can Summon Us
    Shinda - Yes
    Naruto - Here We Go
    Naruto Powers Up
    Son Goku - Wow His Chakra Bigger Then Before
    Shinda - Behold The Shairinnegan
    Naruto - Shairinnegan
    Shinda - It's Like All Shairgan And Rinnegan Power Fused Together
    Kurama - Good Bye Naruto
    Naruto - Not For Long Kurama I'll Come And Visit You Guys Bye Let Go Uncle Bee
    Naruto And Bee Appear In Front Of Madara And Obito
    Naruto - Lets Finish This Madara
    Madara - You Bastard You Absorb The Jubi
    Naruto - No I Didn't
    Killer Bee - I'll Let You Fight For Now
    Naruto - That Was A Wood Clone Shinda Killed
    Naruto - Shinra Tensei

    The End Next Week

    Rinnegan Vs Shairinnegan
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